R.U.S.T. (CYP) - Forged In The Fire Of Metal

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Release date: 5 August 2011
Style: Heavy metal


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01. The Thunder Rolls
02. Metal Child
03. We Are Rock N Roll
04. Phoenix In The Night
05. In The Streets Of Rock N Roll
06. Lady Of The Lake
07. Straight To The Top
08. Queen Of The Amazons
09. The Beginning
10. Forged In The Fire Of Metal

Staff review by
Doc G.
If I had a dollar for every time I've seen this problem arise, I'd have like...50 dollars. Cool riffs, horrendous vocals. Granted, with many bands, the cool riffs make up for the shit vocals, this isn't the case with R.U.S.T. - their riffs aren't that cool. In fact, you'd need some extremely awesome riffs in order to make up for these shouty attempts at singing.

published 09.09.2011 | Comments (6)

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