Marilyn Manson - The Raw Boned Psalms [Demo]

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Release date: November 1989
Style: Industrial rock, Alternative metal, Industrial metal


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Marilyn Manson - Vocals
Daisy Berkowitz - Guitars
Olivia Newton Bundy - Bass

Additional info
The Raw Boned Psalms is the first demo by Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids, released in late 1989 to a close circle of associates of the band. The tape was previously unknown to the fan community prior to the release of the Demystifying the Devil DVD, but during an interview segment with Bundy it was shown briefly. contacted Bundy, and he said that it was not his copy shown in the documentary, but most likely Missi Romero's instead. At any rate, he is looking for his copy and may in the future provide a clean cover scan and track listing. He also stated that the tape was from an early rehearsal session.

Though no concrete track listing has been verified, there are several different sources that hint at possible inclusions. Based on the earliest Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids cassette bootlegs, it has been theorized that the tape contained "Red (in My) Head", "Son of Man", "I.V.-T.V." and "The Telephone". In a document Scott Putesky sent, the former Marilyn Manson guitarist noted one song recorded in April 1990, "All Fall Down", which was the "first live-in-rehearsal track with Bundy." Olivia Newton Bundy claimed that The Raw Boned Psalms was produced at an early recording session, which would coincide with Putesky's description of "All Fall Down", however by November 1989 Bundy was no longer a member of the band, meaning Bundy could not have contributed to the song. Furthermore, the limited sources that even mention this cassette primarily suggest it was released before 1990.

The only known owners of existing copies of The Raw Boned Psalms are Manson's former girlfriend Missi Romero and ex-bassist Brian Tutunick (formerly known as Olivia Newton Bundy). The tape was first recognized after it was shown briefly in an interview with Brian Tutunick on the Demystifying the Devil DVD, released in 2000

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