Marilyn Manson - Big Black Bus [Demo]

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Release date: April 1990
Style: Industrial rock, Alternative metal, Industrial metal

Side A

01. White Knuckles
02. My Monkey
03. Strange Same Dogma
04. Red (in My) Head

Side B

01. Answering Machine Messages

Marilyn Manson - Vocals
Daisy Berkowitz - Guitars, Percussion
Gidget Gein- Bass -
Madonna Wayne Gacy- Samples, Percussion -

Additional info
According to Daisy Berkowitz, this is the first cassette that was officially sold. It featured four re-recordings of songs previously released on The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat, accompanied by 15 minutes of answering machine messages left on the band's hotline.


On the side B of the tape, American heavy metal band Twisted Sister's "Come out and Play" can be heard in the background during Bill's message. American rapcore band Rage Against the Machine's "Wake Up" can be heard in the background during Elaina's message. Eight people left the band their home phone numbers.
Towards the end of the playback, an anonymous woman leaves a message saying, "Hey, when you come Wednesday night, bring me directions to the junkyard please. Okay, bye." It is speculated that this
message was left by Barb Warner, Marilyn Manson's mother.

Side 1" of the Big Black Bus cassette misspells "White Knuckles" as "White Knuckle".

The cassette was titled after the bus used by the infamous Manson Family in the 1960s.

The front cover of the cassette features the band's first use of the term "Holy Wood", where the words "HOLYWOOD PROD." can be seen on the side of the school bus. This term was used as the focal point of Marilyn Manson's 2000 album Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) ten years later.

The title of the cassette is a parody of the Los Angeles bus operator Big Blue Bus.

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