Stigmhate - The Sun Collapse

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Release date: 26 March 2012
Style: Black metal


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01. Throne Of Eternal Flame
02. Charon
03. Gathered Of Isolation
04. Sinless Progeny
05. Architects Of Fate
06. Plenary Repulsion
07. In The Last Wake
08. Sun Collapse
09. Luce

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Recording & mixing: Giuseppe Orlando.

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# 1.) This album art here > everything you care about. Your dog < it. Your '87 Volvo < it. Your ps3 < it. Your kids < < it.

# 2.) The album art > the music on this. We've got some really standard, 2nd-wave hero-worshipping black metal here. And describing standard modern 2nd-wave-worship? = commence yawning fit. Blast beats + tremolos + screeches + blah, blah. It's all here. Sure, you can run with that sort of thing and make it great. With enough little idiosyncratic flourishes (multiply by X factor A), and attitude or atmosphere (X factor B or C), you could have something special on your hands. But there aren't many of those on this. Assuming you're cool with adding -ness willy-nilly to adjectives, you could say confidently that this epitomizes commonplaceness in the black metal genre.

published 09.02.2012 | Comments (5)

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