Disbelief - 66sick

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Release date: 14 March 2005
Style: Death metal, Sludge metal


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01. 66
02. Sick
03. Floating On High
04. For God?
05. Continue From This Point
06. Crawl
07. Rewind It All (Death Or Glory)
08. Lost In Time
09. Try
10. Edges
11. Mental Signpost
12. To Atone For All

Staff review by
It seems to be that mixing death metal with elements from other styles such as thrash metal, hardcore, nu-metal etc. is something that is becoming very trendy these days. It's an easy formula and the result is always something very melodic and easy listening.

Disbelief is however one of those bands that has been playing this style for years and although they started their carrier by playing death metal in the more traditional way, I still wouldn't say that they are very new to play this trendy style of death metal (if one can call it death). In a short flashback to the band's history, one can easily notice that the changes started from their album Worst Enemy. From this album the band started to pump in more and more melody in their music. Followed by Worst Enemy, we got Shine - an album where we saw the band's previous sound meet riffs from thrash metal, creating a whole new sound/style for the band. After that album, the band has just kept doing the same trick- borrowing elements from other styles into their own music. Their new album is now a total mixture of what used to be Disbelief and elements from thrash, hardcore and even nu-metal. Growls are mixed with clean vocals and the album is overwhelmed by melodic passages and repetitive riffs.

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