Encorion - Our Pagan Hearts Reborn

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Release date: 5 April 2013
Style: Viking folk metal


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01. Our Pagan Hearts Reborn
02. Fire Of Freedom
03. Moonfall, Sunrise
04. Spirit, We Are One
05. Farewell To The Living
06. Fates Illusion
07. We Will Rise
08. Buried In Our Lands

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Lots of bands can make a musically pleasing album in the Viking metal style but it is rare for anyone to so precisely capture the physical atmosphere. Our Pagan Hearts Reborn envelops you in a warm fur while the cool winds brush across your face. I feel like I'm sitting outside, in the middle of a Viking encampment; the sea is not far, and everyone is loading the ship and preparing to set sail. I can smell the salt water and hear the sea gulls overhead.

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