Devils Whorehouse

Also known as Death Wolf (2011-)

Country: Sweden
Label: Regain Records
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Formed in: 2000
Disbanded in: 2011

2000-2011 Heavy metal
2000-2011 Punk


2000-2004  Morgan Håkansson - guitars
› 2004-2011  -//- bass
2000-2011  Mikael Karlsson - drums
2008-2011  Valentin Mellström - vocals
2008-2011  Marcus "Makko" Bäckbrant - guitars
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2000-2004  B. War - bass
2000-2004  Zwedda - vocals
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Latest reviews

In the year 2000 local musicians Zwedda and Hrafn got together with Morgan and B. War from Marduk, and started playing Misfits and Samhain covers, later they began writing their own songs, but with the obvious influence of the aftermentioned bands, soon...   Review by Undercraft ››


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