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The Tea Party


1990-2005  Jeff Martin (I) - vocals, guitars, sitar, sarod, oud, banjo, mandolin
› 2011-  -//-
1990-2005  Stuart Chatwood - bass, guitars, keyboards, harmonium, percussion, ma
› 2011-  -//- bass, keyboards
1990-2005  Jeffrey John Burrows - drum, percussion, djembe, goblet drums, tabla
› 2011-  -//- drums, percussions


1996 Alhambra [EP] 9
1993 The River [Single]
1993 Save Me [Single]
1994 Midsummer Day [Single]
1994 In This Time [Single]
1994 A Certain Slant Of Light [Single]
1995 Fire In The Head [Single]
1995 The Bazaar [Single]
1995 Shadows On The Mountainside [Single]
1996 Sister Awake [Single]
1996 Sister Awake (Remixed) [Single]
1997 Temptation [Single]
1997 Babylon [Single]
1998 Psychopomp [Single]
1998 Gyroscope [Single]
1998 Release [Single]
1999 The Messenger [Single]
1999 Heaven Coming Down [Single]
1999 Live At The Enmore Theatre [Live]
2000 Tangents [Compilation] 7.5
2000 Touch [Single]
2000 These Living Arms [Single]
2000 Gone [Single]
2000 Walking Wounded [Single] 10
2001 Lullaby [Single]
2002 Soulbreaking [Single]
2004 Writing's On The Wall [Single]
2004 Stargazer [Single]
2005 Oceans [Single]
2012 Live From Australia [Live] 9

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