Take Over And Destroy

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Also known as TOAD

Country: USA
Labels: Comfort Point Records
Boue Records

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Formed in: 2008

2008- Blackened sludge metal
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2008-  Chthon - vocals
2008-  Alex Bank Rollins - guitars
2008-2015  Pete Porter - organ
› 2015-  -//- bass
2011-  Nate Garrett - guitars
2012-  Jason Tomaszewski - drums
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2008-2011  Dan Labarbera - guitars, vocals
2008-2012  Shane Taylor - drums
2008-2013  Trey Edwin Wilson - bass
2013-2015  Dylan Thomas - bass
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For those of you who managed to completely miss out on TOAD's 2011 debut album...EP...thing, let's do an episode recap - in essence, you missed out on a royal rumble in an inflatable pool filled with KY Jelly and kittie litter. One of those parties that seems legendary in the moment, but in retrospect tends to blend in with a few dozen other pleasant memories.   Review by Doc G. ››

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