Alter Bridge


2004-  Myles Kennedy - vocals, guitars
2004-  Mark Tremonti - lead guitars, backing vocals
2004-  Brian Marshall - bass
2004-  Scott Phillips - drums
2008  Cristina Scabbia - vocals


2004 Open Your Eyes [Single] 9
2005 Find The Real [Single] 8
2005 Broken Wings [Single] 9
2007 Rise Today [Single] 8.5
2008 Ties That Bind [Single] 8.5
2008 Before Tomorrow Comes [Single] 9
2008 Watch Over You [Single] 9
2010 Isolation [Single] 9
2011 Live From Amsterdam [Live] 8.3
2011 I Know It Hurts [Single] 9
2011 Ghost Of Days Gone By [Single] 9
2011 Wonderful Life [Single] 9
2011 Life Must Go On [Single] 8.5
2012 Live At Wembley [Live] 8.2
2013 Addicted To Pain [Single] 9.3

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There comes a time in your life in which you don't know what path you're following, what awaits you, why you're behaving in a certain way, or when all will become clear. You don't know what to believe in. Well, don't worry, says the latest Alter Bridge work: it all ends well. Alter Bridge, by the way, seem to not be touched by these problems: their ideas and programs shine now, clearer than ever.   Review by R Lewis ››

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