Chris Aylmer


1978-1979 Samson - bass  
1979-1985 Samson - bass  
1993-2002 Samson - bass  

Personal information

Died on: 09.01.2007

In the late 70s Chris played guitar in a pub rock band with bass- player Gerry Sherwin and Clive Burr on drums. So when he was to play with Paul he brought with him Clive to the band which became Samson.

After leaving Samson in 1984, Chris teamed up with black American singer/guitarist Nicky Buzz. He had a contract with Roadrunner had released a couple of albums before Chris joined. Don Costa plays bass on one and Nicky played bass and drums himself on the other, although Chris was credited on the sleeve! They did some festivals around Europe and some London gigs but it never really took off.

After that he joined an all-girl band called Head Over Heels! Chris' own words explains the band best: "The shows were nothing brilliant but it was fun in the dressing room." The band had Sheila "Superlungs" James on vocals (now fronting the Doctor Ice project). They did a track called "Crying Shame" which was supposed to be on a compilation album but it's uncertain whether or not that really happened. Some years ago Chris played with a blues/rock outfit called Stonewood with guitarist/vocalist Ian Duvall.

Today Chris' main focus lies on the band "Doctor Ice" with vocalist Sheila "Superlungs" James, guitarist Mick Cline and old Stonewood fellow Ian Duvall. They will be recording their debut album in January to be released later on. In a live situation they've planned to do some Samson tracks like Red Skies, Earth Mother, Stealing Away, Front Page News and Don't Get Mad. Sheila is reported to handle both Bruce and Nicky stuff with excellence.