Martin Powell


1992-1998 My Dying Bride - keyboards, violin  
1998-2000 Anathema - keyboards  
1999-2000 Cryptal Darkness - keyboards  
2000-2005 Cradle Of Filth - keyboards  

Studio musician

2009 Sarah Jezebel Deva - keyboards  
2012- The Eternal - keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 19.07.1973

Martin Powell (born July 19, 1973 in Sheffield, Yorkshire) is an English musician. In 1991, Powell auditioned for the position of bass-playing in the band My Dying Bride, but was turned down as the band had just filled the position. When he told the band he was also a violin and keyboard player, he was hired as a session musician, before becoming the band's permanent violinist and keyboardist.

Around 1998, Powell left My Dying Bride and joined Anathema, in the role of live keyboardist, only to depart two years later. In 2000, Powell joined the popular British heavy metal band Cradle of Filth along with drummer Adrian Erlandsson and guitarist Paul Allender after the departure of Les 'Lecter' Smith. The band then went to record the album Midian. The following year, the band released their transitional mini-album Bitter Suites to Succubi. In 2003 They released the grandiose album Damnation and a Day using a 40 Piece orchestra for which Powell wrote the score. Powell wrote several songs for both that album and was also a song-writer for the band's 2004 album Nymphetamine on which he played guitars on several tracks as well as keyboard duties. In 2005, Powell announced his plans to leave the band via Cradle of Filth's official website, on which the following statement was posted:

"Due to pressing personal reasons I have found myself unable to commit my best efforts and time to Cradle of Filth. Despite 5 great years, in which I have achieved along with my colleagues (past and present) a myriad of goals and dreams I have decided to bow out from Cradle. Having played and written music with three greats of English metal (C.O.F., My Dying Bride and Anathema) I am certainly not giving up music in any respect but just need time away from the rigors of being part of a such a time consuming entity as C.O.F. is. I shall endeavour to pursue and perhaps release my own music whenever I am blessed with the time and inclination to do so. I should like to thank Cradle fans and friends the world over for making my time with COF incredibly enjoyable and memorable...."

Since his departure from Cradle of Filth, Powell has returned to university where he is currently studying for a degree in music. Powell is still friends with some ex-members of Cradle of Filth.

Powell is featured on the Type O Negative DVD "Symphony for the Devil".