Peter "Peavy" Wagner


1984-1986 Avenger (GER) - vocals, bass  
1985-1987 Mekong Delta - vocals, bass  
1986- Rage - vocals, bass  
2013- Lingua Mortis Orchestra - vocals, bass  
2014- Refuge - vocals, bass  

Studio musician

2007- Markus Grosskopf's Bassinvaders - bass, vocals  

Guest musician

2002 Mob Rules - vocals  
2005 Destruction - vocals  
2006 Darksun - vocals  
2007 Nuclear Blast Allstars - vocals  
2015 Subsignal - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 22.12.1964

Peter "Peavy" Wagner (born December 22, 1964) is a German heavy metal musician. He is best known for being singer and bassist of the band Rage.


Peter Wagner was born in Herne as the second of four children. His parents, both passionate amateur musicians, tried to inspire their kids for music since childhood. Eventually Peter Wagner learned his first instrument, the classical guitar. He started to play on the electrical guitar a few years later and, inspired by Lemmy from Motörhead, finally switched to the electric bass in the early '80s.

In 1983 Wagner founded together with the two guitar players Jochen Schroeder and Alf Meyerratken the heavy metal band called Avenger. In 1986 the band's name was changed to Rage. He is the only member of the band to have stayed in it throughout its history. He currently performs as the band's bassist and singer.

He also participated in Mekong Delta's two first albums, appeared on Axel Rudi Pell's Black Moon Pyramid as a guest bass player and participated in Markus Grosskopf's project Bassinvaders.

Discography with Rage

* 2010: Strings To A Web
* 2008: Carved In Stone
* 2006: Speak Of The Dead
* 2004: From The Cradle To The Stage: Live
* 2003: Soundchaser
* 2002: Unity
* 2001: Welcome To The Other Side
* 1999: Ghosts
* 1998: In Vein: Rage In Acoustic
* 1998: XIII
* 1997: Live From The Vault
* 1997: End Of All Days
* 1996: Lingua Mortis
* 1995: Black In Mind
* 1993: The Missing Link
* 1992: Trapped!
* 1990: Reflections Of A Shadow
* 1989: Secrets In A Weird World
* 1988: Perfect Man
* 1987: Execution Guaranteed
* 1986: Reign Of Fear
* 1985: Depraved To Black (Avenger)
* 1985: Prayer Of Steel (Avenger)

(Source: Wikipedia)