Lars Are Nedland


1995- Solefald - drums, keyboards, vocals  
1998-1999 Carpathian Forest - drums (as Lazare)  
1999- Borknagar - keyboards, vocals (as Lazare)  
2003-2005 Ásmegin - vocals (as Lazare)  
2004- Age Of Silence - vocals (as Lazare)  

Guest musician

2002 Vintersorg - hammond organ (as Lazare)  
2004 Vintersorg - narration, hammond (as Lazare)  
2005 Sturmgeist - vocals (as Lazare)  
2007 Pantheon I - vocals (as Lazare)  
2007 Winds - vocals (as Lazare)  
2013 Andy Winter - vocals  
2013 In Vain - vocals (as Lazare)  
2019 Funeral - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Lazare
Born on: 13.05.1976
Official website

Lars Are Nedland (born the 13th of may 1976), also known as Lazare, from Kristiansand, Norway, is the vocalist, drummer and keyboardist for the highly acclaimed avant-garde metal band Solefald. He also composes much of the music and made all the arrangements for violin and cello on Solefald's most recent releases, Red For Fire: An Icelandic Odyssey Part 1 and Black For Death: An Icelandic Odyssey Part 2. He also has written some lyrics for the band, including the songs "04.34 PM", "Fluorescent", and "White Frost Queen." He and vocalist/guitarist/bassist/main lyricist Cornelius Jakhelln started Solefald in August 1995.