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DooM Syndicate has been cultivating their style of metal since the late 1990s, meeting many friends along the way and quietly helping forge a new sound of east coast flavor. Like there brothers in bands like Lamb of God, Dying Fetus, Unholy Ghost, Pessimist and new found brothers in Gwar, they have an east coast metal sound that has to be heard. Unfortunately, being tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, nothing much but echoes have gotten out. DOOM SYNDICATE has done small tours with friends in the Los Angeles band Crematorium and later Dying Fetus here on the east coast. Crowds on both coasts were amazed with the technical and driving sound, leaving people to wonder where have these guys been? Every show reactions are the same, whether playing with national acts or not, people were so satisfied they left after DOOM finished performing and picking up every piece of merchandise of the band available from licensed stuff to band made gear. At some shows thinking they were the headlining act, even with proven national acts yet to play! Finally this has led to a headlining tour in autumn of 2004 with Fireborn as support act and Doom getting national attention and CD release through Rotting Corpse Records from Chicago. DOOM SYNDICATE has shared the stage and the road with bands such as: DEICIDE, CREMATORUIM, ALL THAT REMAINS, BONGZILLA, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, ORIGIN, IMMOLATION, EVERY TIME I DIE, DYING FETUS, GOATWHORE, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, PESSIMIST, NILE, SPACEHOG, DECEASED, PRIME STH, NULLSET, LAMB OF GOD, GRAVE, HATRED, SUB-ZERO, DOPE, KARMA 2 BURN, MORTICIAN, RINGWORM, DAVE BROCKIE EXPERIENCE, GWAR, DYING FETUS, END OF ALL, DREAMSCAPES OF THE PERVERSE, TODAY IS THE DAY, REFLUX,THE VIRUS, CATTLE DECAPITATION, LAZY AMERICAN WORKERS,SUFFOCATON,MACABRE, KATAKLYSM, VADER and countless others. Way too many bands and clubs to mention, spanning the entire U.S. Points of interest include headlining the 2003 Milwaukee metal fest Relapse stage and playing the first ever Las Vegas Metal Fest as well as co headlining the 2004's Snake Fest in North Carolina to a headlining tour in late 2004 as well headlining the SWVA METAL FEST in 03 and 04 and preparing for this years! The members that make up DOOM SYNDICATE are an assortment of hardcore metal heads ranging from Scott/lead guitars (ex-HATE CYLINDER, DEATH OF MILLIONS AND METAGOR) with an extensive metal background. Chip/bass (ex-BAD TRIP AND SUFFUSION) a long time metal head with various influences as well as a love for the bass itself. Rob/guitars, a schooled player and true to the craft. JR/ vocals whose old school punk hardcore styling from his youth, combined with his love of pure death metal, made him a perfect fit. Dan/drums (ex-MURDER MAJESTIC) whose double bass black metal hardcore pounding background fit the sound DOOM SYNDICATE had been striving to reach for years. Doom Syndicate has more than done the impossible, by putting together a true strong line up in the face of adversity and oppression. Keeping a strong sense of musical direction even when the scene looked hopeless and metal seemed to be lacking true power and heart. Its paid off by landing some spots on huge metal shows through the southeastern U.S. with tours setup by TALENT out of California. And a permanent roster spot on New Breed Entertainment. The time has come to unleash what has been hidden deep in these mountains for years. After slowly building their following through extensive shows, the internet, and releasing 5 CDs on their own, DOOM SYNDICATE has finally taken the steps needed to make sure their mark on metal is shown to the rest of the world. There extreme metal sound which is by far the heaviest and most innovative compared to their peers, They are the missing link to the puzzle of the east coast heavy sound. Make no doubt when you hear and see them live, you will know what the buzz is about! Layout Provided By