Gloria Morti - Biography


The story so far...

The history of the band began in January 1999 in Heinola, Finland, as a 4-piece Thrash Metal band. Since then the line-up has changed dramatically, leaving only two of the original members within the group and expanding into a group of five members.

Along with the line-up, the style of music has gone through a remarkable evolution, turning into a crossbreed of numerous musical genres, probably best described as melodic extreme metal, as the band's material manages to fall between genres, not really belonging to any already existing genre.

As years have passed, the band has produced several demos and a promo-CD which eventually led to a co-operation with Japanese label World Chaos Productions. Debut album "Lifestream Corrosion" was released worldwide in the fall of 2004. The album was well-received among both the public and the press, scoring numerous 10/10 ratings. The words 'unique' and 'promising' were no stranger in the praising reviews the album has received eversince it's release.

After long and painful writing process, Gloria Morti entered their guitarist Juho Räihä's studio to record their second album entitled 'Eryx'. The self-financed Eryx promises to take the band to all new heights in both songwriting and production. The album will be released March 12th 2008.

Eversince the band started making live-appearances in 2001 they've performed on numerous venues across the southern parts of Finland and have shared the stage with such bands as Zyklon, Mayhem, Before the Dawn, The Crown and Dissection.