Obsidian Gate - Biography



All started out in 1994 when Marco B. (guitars, synth) and Marcus Z. (guitars, vocals) united to start an extreme Black Metal Project. From autumn ´94 until ´96, they recorded a lot of rehearsal tapes under different names on a bad cassette-recorder just for themselves.
All became more serious when Daniela P. joined the band as keyboard-player. The first demo "Die Essenz der Finsternis" was recorded with this line-up, but it was never released officially.

The year 1998 brought a lot of positive changes for the band. The second demo "The Prime Uncreation" has been recorded and released, for the fist time the band brought more influences by soundtracks and classical music into their songs. By this demo, the small label Skaldic Art Prod. contacted and signed the band. Afterwards the band´s name changed from "The Gate" into "Obsidian Gate".

In January 1999, Obsidian Gate entered the Blue House Studio and recorded their first album "The Nightspectral Voyage" which earned a lot of great responses from all over the world.

The second album "Colossal Christhunt" was recorded in summer 2000 at the Tollhaus Studio (now Downward Studio) in the bands hometown Düsseldorf. A better, more intense sound and more aggressive songs brought this album a wave of great reactions. Today only a few copies are available, so its rather rare to find.

A lot of bad changes occured in 2001 and 2002. Daniela had to leave Obsidian Gate due to both musical and personal problems, and when the songs for the scheduled third album had been ready for recording, Skaldic Art had to dismiss the band because of financial reasons. But as the studio date in Prosecco Studio was already fix for July 2002, Obsidian Gate recorded three songs there. The result was the MCD "The Vehemence" which got self-financed and -released.

Now we date spring 2003 and its going onwards. The band plans to record their third full-length in early 2004 if a label will be found. A new drummer , Marlon D. who joined Obsidian Gate as a fix session member, will play drums on this upcoming work.

The band split up in 2003, but reunited in October 2007.