Facínora - Biography




This band was formed by Igor Rodrigues (Guitar and Lead Vocals), Allem Villela (Drums) and Rodrigo Oliveira (Bass) at 2007 without any pretension, basically just for some drinks and fun.
At the beginning they didn't have any music style that they preferred to play; however, they covered songs by such bands as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Exodus, and Slayer on their very first rehearsal.

As time passed, it was obvious that this Thrash/Heavy metal sound had taken their minds over. They then began to compose their own original sound as well as playing gigs locally and abroad. On June, 2008, their original bassist left the band to pursue other interests, just few months shy of recording their debut EP named "Born in Fear". Igor then took it upon himself to record the bass lines for that record.

"Born in Fear" was released during that same year. The album's concept consisted of 4 tracks leaning towards corruption, politics, and other issues. As their debut EP wrapped, Facinora started searching for a new guitarist as well as a bass player. It was then that Anderson Ferret and Eder Nunes joined Facinora as permanent members. Anderson took up bass duties as Eder became their guitarist.

Facinora was formed once again and stronger than ever. In the beginning 2009, Facinora released "Born in Fear", as well as playing shows while distributing their record along with their brand new line-up. After several shows, and an excellent tolerance of criticism in relation to the EP, the band begins to compose new songs, and then begin to record their first CD. Entitled "Hell is Here", the album will be released in the second half of 2010, with ten tracks of pure thrash metal and violent, thus honoring the brazilian tradition of doing heavy sound.