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Quinta Essentia is a focus of imaginative dark metal that extends beyond boundaries and into musical depth. With a colossal sound that carries reality and imagination to a dark world, Quinta Essentia, displays this epic summoning with their live performance and recording. The debut album "Neutrality For Defined Chaos"(2006) released on Deathgasm Records broke through to begin the stifling sound that this band brings to the world. The new album is titled "Archetypal Transformation". The unleashing of this new material is a great chapter unfolded. This band is taken as a spiritually empowering endeavor to bring forth the power of its magic through ritual meditation and through its compositions. The transformation through death, dreams, and meditation is just an introduction to the depth of the concept for "Archetypal Transformation". Musically, there is intention as professional musicians in execution of all ideas to bring forth the power of the vision without boundary. The band has been on two US tours recently and captures its audiences within its vice of musicianship, composition, lyrical concepts, and magic. The music is best described as epic with many double guitar arrangements, dark double guitar harmonies, and trade off solos. Clean and harsh vocal arrangement, drums from one end of extreme metal to progressive metal, and involved bass work round off the sound to call upon this darkness in its purest form. Quinta Essentia is furious, deep, and experimental extreme metal with the originality, drive, and vitality that it takes to explode in the extreme metal genre