Helheim - The Journeys And Experiences Of Death lyrics


01. Veneration For The Dead

Cults of death, many is number
Those of death and those of slumber
The grave has more than one name
Burned to ashes or staying the same

Life goes on even when dead
On earthly ground or beyond
Thus have the mighty fallen
And so the one was gone

Trust to gain wisdom from beyond
Fear to prevent the deceving tongue
Veneration for the dead
Or neither nor

Glorification of the ancients
Upon the threads of the ancestors
Whether gone north or south
The dead will live on

02. Dead Man's Eyes

In an oaken high seat
An aura of ghastly presence
Eyes of evil, dead stare
Do you wanna get possessed?

Evil has many forms
Frightened by fate
Harvest the living
You don't wanna get possessed?

Buried beneath stones
Still there's fear in the air
It doesn't matter anyway
You are possessed

Reaping thy brother
Rebellion from the graves
This is just the beginning
Of a terror march unleashed

03. Bewitchment

Eyes of damnation
An oxen with the stare
Death surrounds it
Birds and beasts withers

Behold the march of the undead
Claws of death around each neck
Tears of ice - bewitchment
Dead to the ground - bewitchment

Coal black bodies lifeless
Bones hammered to dust
Buried beneath stones
The ground is recking

Around every corner
In every empty street
Looko ver your shoulder
Eyes of evil is omnipresent

Sorrow and pain
Paranoia and confusion
Ghastly presence
Death itself into the dead of night

04. Second Death

Beneath mountain stones
An evil of primal forces
Uncorrupt and heavy
Man is far too weak

The headland above the sea
The 2nd burial mound
Their bodies were weary
And their minds were dreary

All for nothing
Though years pass
A glass of life
Refilled when emptied

Uncorrupt pitch black
Weight of an ox
Fires to cleanse
And to reduce
And to die again
And to wish for a second death

05. Entering The Beast

Miserable animal wandering alone
Without logic, logic can't prevail
Instinct of primal needs
Licking the ashes so futile

Burn a bull dapple - grey
Three times risen from the grave
The face if evil is unknown

Entering the beast
Of decay
Entering the beast
Of decay

Gored master
Mind left behind
Left to sink in a marsh
Silence in hereafter

07. Oaken Dragons

The death of a brother
A withstanding trust
Hail the one who left us
Soon to gaze beyond

Clear is the sky
The stars to guide
Oaken dragon sail
Our bond of blood is sealed

Your trust is laid with me
Your journey won't fail
The dawning of a new world
The old one takes you in

Spiritual journey
On a spiritual path
Rebirth and death unite
The eye in the sky
Energy of nature
You're dead but never fallen

08. Thirteen To The Perished

The shroud of darkness torn
By funeral nightsky
Far away and beyond
Floating ashes and dust

Hooves across the heavens
The spirit rose from watery dust
The horses flesh to feed
A journey without time

To bid farewell
Godspeed on the hereafter
Body to feed, spirit to ride
Thirteen to the perished

Sacrifice and pagan prayer
Oaken dragon and flames
Flesh to feed, hooves to ride
Thirteen to the perished

09. Threll And The Master

Divide the riches in numbers three
One to the brothers of allegiance
Two to serve the funeral feast
Three to the journey to the other world

Embrace this sacrifice
She will serve you well
Sleep in the fire
To enter a higher self

Ta imot mitt offer
Hun vil tjene deg vel
Son I ilden
For å oppnå et hoyere jeg

Feast upon the last days
Earthly values will fade away
You'll leave this world
Caress the flames of oak

Dog's cut in half, sacrifice ritual
Among draught beasts, cows, cocks and hen
The thrall is passed among men
Pain is futile, all for the love of the dead