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Rotting Christ - Passage To Arcturo lyrics


01. Ach Golgotha


02. The Old Coffin Spirit

My soul is trembling, Asphyxiated exhalation
But, feel like my name
Starting around the tombs of marble
Untouched carry the crew of ages

An unwed coffin attracts me
Inside the fear an odd wonder
Strange prompting as I read the name

now rest in my new dwelling
the property calls "Be done"
I'm the old coffin spirit
Master and slave on my own land

Well hidden behind the pute stars
Fluttering in distant unknown zones
Macabre dance with the diastric winds
hrismed to haunt the kiss of light

03. The Forest Of N'Gai

All powerful messenger
from the world of 7 suns to the earth
the forest of N'Gai, where we may come
the one who is not allowed to be called

It would be abundance
from the black goat of forest
goat with the 1,000 infants
ITHAKUA will serve you
Oh father of million delights
and Zaar will be called from Arcturo

It's order of OUME AT TUIL
you will glorify Azathoth

04. The Mystical Meeting

(sevlesmeth esoth spleh dog)

Circle within circle
the sacred hours come
they passed to obscure deeds
the final step before the meeting

What I wish appears in my sleep
surpass the whole mortal life
as sucubus creeps in my cold room
tresspass the invisible zone

Archeogonic theory is fallen by reborn
those who believed the one
follow the light now
marking the way to mystical meeting

05. Gloria De Domino Inferni

Gloria de Domino Inferni
Et in terra vita commvnimvs vltimvs
Lavdamvs te
Vinditicimvs te
Adoramvs te
Glorificamvs te
Gratias adimvs tibiproter
Magnam potentiam tvam
Domine Satanas
Rex Infernvs
Peraetor omnipotens

06. Inside The Eye Of Algond

I travelled with him in uncontrolled dimensions
I knew the forbidden plateau of length
Kuntath the freezing desert
beyond the gate of Silver key

I arrived to Kythal near to Arcturo
Up to Mnar and the lake of hall
Up to ky-yian and the Mythical karkassa
Up to Yantith and Y'XA-NULEI
near to Insmuth

Inside the eye of Algond

I saw from distance
down the zodiac
Inside the secret eye
the star of famelot
touch the top of down of tree
you can invoke KTHUGA