Iron Fire - Blade Of Triumph lyrics


01. Dragonheart

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
The smell of blood - the smell of pain
Will unleash the beast in chain
Come as knight and return as king
Dragonheart the chosen one to bring

As written in the prophecies
A hard quest to the fire breeze
A new king will seize the day
Fall in battle or dragon slay

Marching across the fields
Like an army made of steel
Holding high our shields
As we engage the beast of rage

Flames in the night, the dragon we fight
One by one men will fall
Flames in the night, blood brothers unite
Fire in the dark in flames from the start

If you claim the land the throne
Face the creature of steel and bones
Bring back the price for the crown
Every soldier will hail and kneel down

Through the lands
Through the forest
I got my sword - I must be brave
Over the hills
The horizon is calling my name
I guide the flame

I fight the beast
I fight the trolls
I smash the skulls
Of the goblins that stand in my way
No wizard spell can stop me

The price is high
The glory will be mine

02. Bloodbath Of Knights

Music by Kirk Backarach
Lyrics by Martin Steene
Straight from Jerusalem to the gates of Babylon
The crusade moves on and one
From the Danish shores of blood
To the kingdom of the king
With evil tongues we sing

They call it holy war
We have seen it all before
Unwritten pages will burn in flames

Die by the blade, die by the sword
Write them their last rites it's a bloodbath of knights
Die by the blade, die by the sword
Write them their last rites it's a nightmare
Bloodbath of knights

Been centuries of war and men have died in vain
No one can ease the pain
The wheel the bloody sword the fight goes on till dawn
And the battle still rages on

Blinded in darkness by fear
Judgement of heaven is near
The fall of the gods and the holy
Prophets of doom give us mercy

03. Dawn Of Victory

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
Standing in line at the battlefield
The march of the brothers in arms
Awaiting the sing to crush the enemies
In silence we pray for our souls

Holding the flags up high
On the signal march or die
The gods will show the way to the

Dawn of victory
Breaking their bones with hammer and steel
Dawn of victory
We fight till the end and no man will kneel
At the dawn of victory

Run down the hill, let the slaughter begin
The blood will cover the ground
Metal and steel will meet once again
The soldiers will die to the sound

Dawn of the dead will rise in the night
We will be waiting for you at the gate
Dawn of the dead will rise in the night
Just show your face and we will prevail with light

04. Lord Of The Labyrinth

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
Through the ancient forest, the home of the elves
Dark magic wonders will rule the old woods
My enemies are many, but my sword will prevail
The crimson warrior on the path of doom

Strong and brave will rise up from beyond
A hero's quest the story has just begun

Riding through thunder - through wind and through rain
Approaching the castle of judgement in vain
Only one will hold the crown and the ring
And bring the fall of the goblin king
'Cause you know he is the king of the labyrinth

Face the mighty snow lord, the keeper of the cold
Ride the wings of thunder on the unicorn
Fight the slimy creatures that hide in the deep
The wizard's spell will guide you through the bloody fields

Don't know where to go or where to turn
'Cause everywhere you go, your path will burn

Riding through thunder - through wind and through rain
Approaching the castle of judgement in vain
Only one will hold the crown and the ring
And bring the fall of the goblin king, 'cause we are

05. Bridges Will Burn

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
Cheap tongues and we don't believe a word
By God our voices will be heard
No second chance - no afterlife
But we come from the land of miracles
White light will shine from above
Spellbind those who play it rough
A broken soul, a broken heart
Will be filled with the light of the unicorn

Ride holy knight in to metal evolution
The time has come for revolution

The chosen one will soon become
The master of the universe
And then the gods will return
The crimson king will draw the sword
From the stone for eternity
And then the gods will return
And bridges will burn

Dark path for the lost and lonely one
With dreams that shine like the sun
The deepest fear, the darkest hour
Will burn in the flames of victory
Find the grail and then you find the king
A search for the crown and the ring
A battlefield, a sea of blood
From the ashes a legend will rise

We came at night ready to fight
Embraced by black we came as strangers
Send from the sky, we'll never die
Bridges will burn in flames so high

Ride holy knight in to metal evolution
The time has come for revolution
And the bridges will burn
Bridges will burn
We will burn

06. Follow The Sign

Music by Kirk Backarach
Lyrics by Martin Steene
Just like the road that leads to nowhere
Riding the time like there is no tomorrow
Obey the voice that speaks from the inside
Through the darkness and into the light

From the shadows and the underground
From the dungeon faith is rising
The spell is broken and the curse is gone
A deadly omen back from the past
The clock is ticking - end of the hourglass
Time for justice, now its payback
It's the calling and the gathering
Dawn of glory - no fear nation

The ghost of failure is dead and gone with the wind
Guardian angel spread your wings, and fly away

Just follow the sign
Through fire and water
Follow the sign

Follow me

Like an arrow through the thunderstorm
In lightning heaven just like lightning
See it coming, with the speed of sound
In the moment a free spirit

Just follow the sign
Through fire and water
Just follow the sign
Through pain and slaughter
Metal is rising here tonight
Metal is rising you see the light

The crusade that never dies
Is been here since the dawn of time
Metal troops you can defy
The time is right here tonight

Metal is rising

07. Steel Invaders

Music by Martin Lund
Lyrics by Martin Steene
Vengeance will be mine
Riders from hell

Black on black

The magic will never cease
The metal troops will increase
Believers of the holy flame
Fools are no part of the game

Nothing is gonna stand in our way
We fight forevermore
Until the last man will fall
Time to start the war

Raise the metal fist in the air
Brothers everywhere
Raise the metal fist in the air
Unbelievers nightmare
Riders from hell
Steel invaders

People try to put us down
We hold the key and the crown
The crusade will never end
To the kingdom we assent

Raise the metal fist in the air
Raise the metal fist in the air

08. Jackal's Eye

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
I'm the survivor of my clan
The fight for freedom and for the land
The battle is raging and men will bit the dust
We show no mercy, in steel we trust

Lock up your sons and daughters
The time has come for slaughter
In your sleep you will see

The eye of the jackal
Like a beast in the night
Eye of the jackal
Always ready to fight
Eye of the jackal
Immortal battle cry
Eye of the jackal
The flame that never dies
In the jackal's eye

The last man standing in these bloody fields
With the sign of fury on my shield
A bite from the jackal and you scream in agony
A taste of the hammer and dead you will be

09. Legend Of The Magic Sword

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
Secret of the sea - Lady of the lake
Brought the sword
A true king will hold the steel
It will only be owned by a pure heart
A magic spell will hold the blade
In the stone for the chosen one
It was made to bring harmony
And to reunite the ancient land

You got to ride the wild wind
To the gates of Camelot
Sanctuary to those who feel lost in Avalon

'cause a king will be born
Raised in the forest
Behind the golden gates of the shiny fortress
At the table of knights, a brotherhood of light
In the legend of the Magic Sword

Merlin claimed the child
In exchange for a deed - a little magic trick
Arthur was his name
He was young, he was brave
With a righteous mind

The legacy lives on and on
On a trail of magic sorcery
A thousand years in you and me
A legend of steel and bravery

10. Gladiator's Path

Music by Kirk Backarach
Lyrics by Martin Steene
Just wanted to be free
Born into slavery
Breaking the chains tonight
The hammer and the steel will bite
Burned down everything
And the sword will swing
Revenge is beautiful
My vengeance won't be merciful

The arena will be covered in blood
Now is the time to give all that you've got
And when they open the gate
All is at stake

The price is glorious
In rage steel will kiss
The endless battleground
Victory no in second round
No pain can hold me back
Now its just full attack
The king will return
The chosen one will set you to burn

My name is Armageddon
My steel is like the venom
From the cobra
That will bring you down
(Die for the gladiator)
Deep down in the dungeon
I await like a scorpion
Someday all will kneel down

The gladiator comes for you
Feel the pain when the steel goes go through
All enemies will hit the ground

He was betrayed by the general in arms
Crucified on the desert planes
Rivers of blood
The angels will cry
Here comes the man that never dies

Rise from beyond
Kill you in blind
Here comes the king
From the underground
The time has come
For the battle to start
He will tear you
Tear you apart

(Feel God's wrath)
The Gladiator's Path

11. Blade Of Triumph

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
From the sea we attack
In the center of pain
We all fall under one flag
Never beaten nor slain
Breathe the fire of Odin
Spit the poison of death
Dive into the fire wind
Cut the belly of the beast

Lord of lightning, bringer of storm
Give us strength to carry on
To live and die without fear
No matter how it hurts

Alliance from the North
We are brothers of Thor
The hammer and the sword
Will bring slaughter and gore
When the battleships return
And the angels are burned
We drink the wine of gods
To the blade of triumph

We charge from the sea
Under the stars we belong
Among the gods we will be
United, standing strong
Die in the battlefield
Under Odin's command
Resurrect the ancient gods
And bring glory to our land

We drink the blood of triumph

Defend the land and embrace the sky
The water blue and the fire from hell
Shadows of death and the angels will fly
Together we fight and break the spell

Your voice will be heard
The wings of victory
We come as one and split the sky in two
Like the eyes of the lion
And the horns of a mighty bull
Like a comet that rips the sky to pieces

With the blade of triumph

Our quest has just begun
Children of the sun
It has just begun