Thergothon - Stream From The Heavens lyrics


01. Everlasting

Music & lyrics by Thergothon
The Heart, the Soul & the messenger
The one they have abandoned

(1000 years 1000 forms crawling howling)

I have seen the lesser Gods die
I have seen the mortal ones scream in horror

The ground cries...
Through the spines of the living
Twilight's hymn

02. Yet The Watchers Guard

Music & lyrics by Thergothon
The towers they stand so tall and proud
At the planes of the planets of madness

The realm of wind and the darkened deities
The black goat of the woods with the thousand young

The watchers beyond the universe
The eyes to hidden dimensions

Enormous buildings of slimy black stone
Built by hands not similar to man
On a black star near Aldebaran
Twisted sky of poison clouds

"Despite the waste outlook this region is inhabited
The unholy presence of these ancient beings
Is almost touchable
They can neither see them nor touch them,
But you can feel them present at all the times
And you can smell them, smell their foul presence..."

Watchers understand
Yet they guard.

03. The Unknown Kadath In The Cold Waste

Music & lyrics by Thergothon
Colossal towers far in the horizon
A reflection from the dark past
A shadow from the Time before time
A memory of a divine dominion
Distant piping of a cosmic flute
A hymn so high, a sound so strange
Almost able to be heard
Voices from the outside

04. Elemental

Music & lyrics by Thergothon
Black clouds collide until the storm is ready to burst
Waves rise from the sea and the swells stretch up to the sky
Hills tremble in agony as the earth is to yawn
The mist turns to smoke when the flames lick the materia

"The powers of the sea sea, the earth, the winds and the fire,
Can you hear my chant?"

Fall asleep, fall into darkness. Elemental powers break the chain
Fall eternal through the pits of time. Spiritual desecration

Through abysmal gates of subconscious
Interstellar terror and powers

"That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die."

"Invisible hands grope at my throat
Those eyes staring at me... what a misery..."

A dimensional shambler took him beyond the bounds
(Of dimensions)

05. Who Rides The Astral Wings

Music & lyrics by Thergothon
"My shadow is the shine of the moon
Ravens carry my name in eternal skies"

Father of all times: asleep in the light
Awake below the circle of signs
Ride the wings of forgotten spirits

In the glory of Azag-Thoth I give my heart & soul
6 of the seals signed by them
... And the very 7th one
... Upon the throne

06. Crying Blood + Crimson Snow

Music & lyrics by Thergothon
Screams filled with sorrow
Echo from the woods
Tears drop to the ground
Colour my path blood-red

The Blade (so sharp & cold)
May the spirits chant my name
Oh, the everlasting winter of my soul
Ice burns my skin, I writhe in cold & grief

Nightwing calls...
Wailing of the winds
Chills me from inside, snow is red around me