Gloomy Grim - Tapetum Lucidum lyrics


01. April - Within The Woods

As I felt that the fire and storm went away
From the misterss of the stormblast
I decided to move away
And live outside this and her world

I rented old cabin within the woods
Some said that it was fool thing to do

They said that it is haunted,
By the family lived there before
I had heard of that case,
When they all were just vanished

The family was searched by people,
But they never were found
They were just disappeared
Like smoke in the wind

I also visited this house, years before
Right away I felt that
I belong here

Who is there? I want to be alone.
Leave me alone!
I am sure that there was something, is this happening to me again
I am so scared of those things upstairs, I am going insane
Leave me alone!

02. October - Cellar Dweller

You can´t blame me of what
You have done
Bitch, witch and the others.

I am not the one to be blamed
I´ll send in the bird
See you here

You came here, where I have lived for, oh so long
I dont want to hurt you
I am only asking that you let me sleep

I am going to be free
I´ll possess your soul
And then I can die and see
Too long time in torment
for reasons I dont know
I must be set free
Its your time to suffer
As you become me.

I am a cellar dweller
Someday you will be here too
I am a cellar dweller
Someday you all will dwell here too

03. November - And The Bird Came In

His november morning
I woke up and saw
The bird did come in
It is said that it means death

Nature is coming to take its own
So, it sends messenger to the mortals
I felt that blood is running
Out of my body

And the bird came in
So it was my time to leave
To the unknown places
Where none has come back

I felt that it wasn't my time yet
So, I screamed out loud
"Why did you send the messenger?"
"What have I done wrong?"

You are only out there,
Because we need you
We want to come out of this grave of ours

We are going to take you

04. December - The Bells Toll My Name

At night I suddenly woke up
For nameless, faceless terror
I sat on the edge of my bed
With my feet firmly planted on the floor

I tried to breathe at a normal rate
Saying the magical words

Haunting terrors of the night,
Be gone and let me be,
Till the dawn of the light,
Bright moon watch over me.

I heard something moving under my bed
Raised my feet, because I was so scared

I asked if theres someone there
It was too quiet, nothing was heard
Suddenly closet opened
I saw something I have never seen before