UFO - No Place To Run lyrics


01. Alpha Centauri

Music by Paul Chapman

02. Lettin' Go

Lyrics by Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Chapman
(1) I'm lettin' go now
Don 't think I can last
I'm lettin' ' go now
I've been living too fast

I'm not up in the morning
And beat the clock at night
It's got so damn predictable
Feel I'm doing time

(2) Oh no I can't stand another day
I see those closing
Caught in the ricochet
Oh no my life's in miniature
I'll be here forever
How much more can a poor boy take
When all he needs is an even break

I'm lettin' go now
Work is driving me crazy
Lettin' go now
Take a lot save me

Started when I was sixteen
It's been just like a drug
I'm working every day
You'd think I was in love

(Repeat (2))
(Repeat (1))

03. Mystery Train

Lyrics by Junior Parker, Sam Phillips
Train arrive sixteen coaches long
Train arrive sixteen coaches long
Well that long black train
Drop my baby and gone

(1) Train train coming right round the bend
Train train coming right round the bend
Well it took my baby
But it never will again

Train train coming on down the line
Train train rolling on down the line
Well it's bringing my baby
'Cause she's mine oh mine
Mine oh mine, mine oh mine

(Repeat (1))

Never again no, no, no never again

04. This Fire Burns Tonight

Lyrics by Mogg, Chapman
White lines on the highway
Rolling out into the night
Got no bag to slow us down
We're traveling light, traveling light tonight

Feel the wheels roll away
How many miles have I been gone
Listen girl you never knew
The road goes on all night long

This fire burns tonight
The streets are alight
Out on this town we are bursting
This fire burns tonight
The streets are alight
(And) Out on this town we are bursting

Now me and my partners are moving
We run on from town to town
And this here road surface
Is setting them up rolling them down

There's girls out in the neon
Singing blues every night
And you that they'll never love you
They're traveling light, traveling light

(Repeat (1) 3 times

05. Gone In The Night

Lyrics by Mogg, Chapman
Honey kick your shoes off now
And stay another night
Let's not talk too seriously
We don't wanna fight
Now I don't care about your reputation
Or how you got it made
All I want is for you to stay
Don't want a charade

(1) And the lights go down
Who you with tonight
It ain't so easy holding on
Everything you seem to do babe
Just turns out so wrong
You're gone in the night
You're gone in the night
You 're gone in the night

People try to tell you now
About responsibilities
Those married-me do's and don'ts
How it ought to be
But I don't care what they say
Don't wanna hear what's true
As long as you want me baby
You know I need you

(Repeat (1) )

06. Young Blood

Lyrics by Mogg, Way
Young blood where you going now
Young blood where you going now

I didn't mind it when you left me honey
But I miss you ain't the truth
I haven't give up hanging on the phone
But all I hear is the proof

(1) One more night and
I'm thinking what's going wrong
You say you love me but
Does love take this long

You paint a picture you tell a story
Oh the tangled web that you weave
I hear the whispers the candid talking
And I don't know> what to believe

(Repeat (1) (1) )

(2) Where do all these dreams have broken
Right or left it's stolen stop your running away

Young blood ooh tell me
Where you going now
Young blood ooh tell me
Where you going now

It's never never nothing's forever
Turning gold in our hands
There's no magic it all seems tragic
'Cause it's slipped through our fingers like sand

(Repeat (1) )
(Repeat (2) twice)

Run run running away

07. No Place To Run

Lyrics by Mogg, Chapman
Joey rides the subway
Fast from east to west
On the street he's number one
Some say that he's the best
Got something going on
In a honky tonk down town
He is expected
Word has got around

The other-side of midnight
Or in the combat zone
Meeting no resistance
Joe stands alone

Night riders prowling
Out into the night
There's someone else out there
And they're looking for a fight

Between the rain soaked buildings
A distant whistle blows
Fate lies in waiting
It's hand it never shows

(1) Heart beating like a drum
Out in this wasteland
And there's no place baby for us to run.
(In) Jungle land (baby)
Jungle land, jungle land
Jungle land, jungle land

Under the railway arches
Someone calls his name
Streams out the words
Come on boy this ain't no game

One flash of bright cold steel
In a stranger's hand
Kids dance away like shadows
There's no one to command

Joey's got his name
Painted on the walls
On the side of buses
Subways and tenement halls

(Repeat (1))

Jungle land, jungle land
Jungle land, jungle land
Jungle land, jungle land
Jungle land, jungle land

08. Take It Or Leave It

Lyrics by Paul Raymond
l'm on my way home
To see my little angel
Trying to put the pieces back together
Well it's been so long
I'm feeling like a stranger
But they tell me a good thing lasts forever

Who's to say we can't talk it over
'Cause in time I know
That we'll work it out
Give it one more chance
Before it's too late
Baby until the last good-bye
Take it or leave it or leave me alone
Baby one (more) little sad reply
Take it or leave it or leave me alone

As time passed by
A thousand miles of ocean
I put you out of sight
And out of mind girl
And before too long promises were broken
Seemed no matter how we tried

(Repeat (1))

09. Money, Money

Lyrics by Mogg, Way
Well I'm down, face tomorrow
I drown in this fool's sorrow
I hear the lies, who I choose
No alibis, never a trace I'm blue

(1) Well I'm not so proud
Baby I can see
You take my money
And you're laughing at me

(2) (I ain't no clown) (Money money)
And you're no debutante
I wanna give
How much do you want

(3) Money
Look what you've done to me
Hope on a third degree

You 're so dumb
You got all the protection
Number one
But you only intend to clown

(Repeat (3))

You're so cool
Playing glamour glamour
Full of school
But still in emerald

(Repeat (3))
(Repeat (1) )
(Repeat (1) (1))

Money money you think I can't see
Take it all and you're laughing at me

(Repeat (2) )
(Repeat (3) ' twice)

10. Anyday

Lyrics by Mogg, Chapman
We seem to be so alone
How it feels is nothing new
We're only going through the motions
Me and you
I'll go back home again
There's nothing left but empty rooms
We're passing through and
It can't end for us too soon

(1) Any day, any day
I've got to get up and go
I wanna tear all this down
Breakaway, breakaway
Everyday seems so damn slow
I don't wanna be around

Now my baby sits and stares
The clock spins the hours away
And there's nothing left
For you or I to say
Should be out having fun
How, come we don't anymore
But we been through this
Too many times before
Here comes my coat now
Put it on my head
Before I get to city prone
I ain't no judge
I ain't no diplomat
I don't need no crystal ball

(Repeat (1))