Bison B.C. - Earthbound lyrics


01. Stokasaurus

The world is a weapon
Ending this season
New days arising
Chaos Suprising
Young weary Soldier
Soon this is Over
Epilogue of Modesty
Swaggering Catastrophe
Pray to a heaven that's dying
Your world is burning
How does it feel to be dying?
Choking on Warning

02. Wartime

So let us stand up, and take a vow
Rip your heart out and pass it round
This city, was built by pigs
And those pigs love their king
Rise, rise and fall
The king, fears our call
The streets, raging red
A voice, to raise the dead
Our life has not began
And death, it brings no end
Time is running close to the end
Out of morals to defend
So draw your sword, and make it sing
'cause those pigs love their king
War... time... war.

03. Dark Skies Above

Darkened ship, ending its flight
Killing your god, black out the light
A visitor slips from dark sky above
It's judgement on us, the return of love
From dark skies above
A new world is born from fire and pain
An alien god sets up their reign
Bringing us knowledge far beyond ours
Healing our wounds tending our scars
From dark skies above

04. The Curse

Long ago in days of yore
There was a town found way up north
There was a coldness in the air
For all the people who lived there

Were being held prisoner
By a wizard with white hair
High up in his mountain cave
The wizard looks down on his slaves

The wizard wrings his hands and laughs
While the peasants talk about their pasts
Until someone asks "When did this come that we do so fear the sun?"

Your heart, it will grow cold
When the white wizard takes his hold
With fire in hand the peasants climb
To reclaim all their lost time

In his cave he's left to burn
And once again the seasons turn
No longer cursed by the wizard's hand
The peasants now enjoy their land

05. Cancer Rat

Crawling up now from the underground
Light, sweet crude owns the power now
Creepin on through to the money house
Gotta give in just to make it out

Business, it builds
Nature, it kills
Our bodies, our wills
A gunship or sword

We weather the storm
Look on the form
Credit the curse
Cancer is worse
A rat will awake
To marry the snake

06. Earthbound

The sun goes down on a Western sky
We all get together to live and die
Shoot yourself with the better lie
Did our mothers think we could be so high?


Climb a mountain with a desert high
Some of us laugh, some of us cry
Only the righteous aren't afraid to die
So we will fly, by the devil's side