Primordial - Spirit The Earth Aflame lyrics


01. Spirit The Earth Aflame

Lyrics by A.A. Nemtheanga
Beneath the bronze sky
A horizon in flame
The oceans boil
The earth heaves
...And seethes
There is a new sun rising
That has not risen for
Thousands of years

Prophets have written
Songs have been sung
We have awoken
A new age has begun
Spirit the earth aflame

"...And so it starts...
the beginning of a new turn in the cycle..."

02. Gods To The Godless

Lyrics by A.A. Nemtheanga
I have one desire
Let it be
A pestilence upon your lands
A plague upon all your houses
It is my wish
To enslave all your people
The soil enriched with their blood
To burn your places of worship
Our gods shall become your gods

All that lives on the vine is rotten
May your wines be foul
And your bread as the flesh of the dead
An ill wind to bring naught but decay
And the stench of your slaughtered kin
Breathing deep the rancid stench

The newborn are born with fear in their eyes
And slavery in their limbs
As tools to build a new empire
We are your cross to bear
Perhaps you shall be a martyred people
But as sure as the night follows the day
You should flee
A dead people

"The desire to sweep away what is sacred and profane.
To enforce and embrace Tragedy... to imbed it deep
within the subconscious of generations..."

03. The Soul Must Sleep

Lyrics by A.A. Nemtheanga
"I have crossed the seas
I have left cities behind me
And I have followed the course of rivers towards their source
Or plunged into forests
Always making for other cities
I have had women
I have fought with men
And I could never turn back
Ever, anymore than a record can spin in reverse.
And all that was leading me where?
To this very moment..."
(Jean Paul Sartre, "Nausea")

I sink below the waves
Is this what I've been looking for?
It seems
I've found someone to die for
Someone to lie for...

I've drunk my fill of misery
It's time to move on
Restless and forgiving
It will lead me to the grave

Let's leave for other worlds
Leave the future behind
For here... my will has been spent
So let us depart
Before the night steals upon us
The wretchedness of another day

"The wish, the want, to stay in the dream state,
can leaving this mortal coil be seen as a new departure?,
or a return to a permanent dream state ?
To feel to never want to wake.
For here my will has been spent..."

04. The Burning Season

Lyrics by A.A. Nemtheanga
Bring the women
And children before me
Let us make rivers of their blood
Bleed for me... I wish it so
And streams shall meet such rivers
And seaward they shall flow

See the shoreline scattered
With their precious skulls
See the tide come in
As blood to meet their bone
A grotesque promise
Beneath a crimson sky... a season's birth

We'll drown the newborn like unwanted dogs
And condemn them to their desperate gods
We'll take a needle, to the arm of the world
For it is our season

We'll burn the temples, of the righteous
Rend them as ashes, to the four winds
As ashes... to the four winds
The winds of a new season

Bring the women
And children before me
Let us make rivers of their blood
Bleed for me... I wish it so
And streams shall meet such rivers
And seaward they shall flow

"All is all for the taking, to Rise Phoenix like from the Ashes...
A twisted and revelatory dream of the new Aeon..."

05. Glorious Dawn

Lyrics by A.A. Nemtheanga
For those who may rise
As a phoenix from the ashes
For those who may devour
The fruits of knowledge
For those who coil
Serpent like, with cyclical grace
...For those as wolves among sheep
Who sharpen their teeth
For the last supper

For those who are the rock
Upon which our fortress built
For those who are the anvil
Upon which our will is forged

For those whose deeds
Shall become song
And for those whose eyes
Shall light up the heavens
With a single fiery glance
This... is your season

"Of cyclical rebirth and regeneration...
The serpent who eats his own tail.
Of the Word, the Mind, and the Will that makes Flesh.
This is our Season..."

06. The Cruel Sea


07. Children Of The Harvest

Lyrics by A.A. Nemtheanga
It seems we are to live our final days
Far from the dwellings of men
As flowing tides and shifting sands
Far from the bitter gaze of soul less man

In sorrow we fly from our loved ones
To die in the waters of the wild
My brethren can seek no shelter beneath these wings
Until dead men rise from their graves

How sad it is for me to see
My fathers fallen halls
Here once prideful men clashed as gods
With veins aflame and hearts of thunder

Yet my fathers are long since dead and gone
And I with heart so heavy
And limbs so weary
It seems our sun is all but dimmed

And we your children have
Wandered for years
And felt the cruel blast of freezing winds
But the harshest blow of all to come...

To return at last to an empty home

"Adapted and altered from the Irish folklore tale
of the Children of Lir, turned to swans and condemned
to roam for 300 years before returning an empty
home. An interesting spine for an allegorical tale. One of
displacement, disenchantment and alienation...from this world
and its ways. Longing for another Age...
another time, another place..."

13. To Enter Pagan

Moonlight bathes my heart
The birds sing my serenade
The trees are whispering my name...
My name

Dark romanticism
Of a kind seen no more...
Lament my name when I am gone...
Remember me

These years of indifference
Have poured solitude on my soul
Ice cold my skin...
Can fires of the past
Make me once a warrior
To fight the light...

I am of the earth
My soul is as old as stone
Runetongue... speak my name
Long when winter has passed

To be at one with the earth
To be at one with what was...
...My earth...

We are as of one womb
Those whose minds may reach the clouds