The Meads Of Asphodel - In The Name Of God, Welcome To Planet Genocide lyrics


01. Psalm 364

"I can picture in my mind a world without war
A world without hate
And I can picture us attacking that world
Because they'd never expect it"

02. My Beautiful Genocide

This grisly din of killing steel (murder is my God)
I Come in peace, you go in pieces (murder is my God)
Fools like us and the Gods we trust (murder is my God)
To save the world and watch it burn (murder is my God)
Ploughing ash, a sea of limbs (murder is my God)
The stench of gore and boiling brains (murder is my God)

My beautiful genocide

A holy war, unholy blood (murder is my God)
Divided faith Blown apart (murder is my God)
Burn and rape on planet hell (murder is my God)
All fucked up, wrong way rounds. (murder is my God)

My beautiful genocide

03. A Baptism in the Warm Piss of Slaughtered Children

Anti Christ
The throne of God is long deserted.
Chaos reigns
Lost in the pallor of sepulchral rime
Open grave
Negro, Jew, and white mans blood.
Ethnic wounds filled with worms
Bosnian graves remain unopened
Dead inside
Armenian tears are long forgotten.

A baptism
In piss
A baptism
In piss
The scent of God is smoking skin
Babylon whore has fucked the world

A chosen race without a choice
Burn alive
The stench of flesh before oblivion's shrine
Insane war
Harrows of iron and blades of steel
God's creed
The curse of Ham and Gideon's sword

A baptism
In piss
A baptism
In piss
The scent of God is smoking skin
Babylon whore has fucked the world

Adam's curse
The broken dead shall inherit the earth
Dragons fire
Chasing laughter in a silent Tibet.
Fucked up life
Stalin's crimes are silent nightmares
Purge us all
Ukrainian ghosts become the mist of time.

04. The Man Who Killed for God

When the dead cease to dream
And nameless stones
Become the graves of you and me

Flowers of frost
Wither to ash
Where yawning flames
Carve our faces in the clay

Cum in me
And set the world free
For a moment in time
Together are we.

Everybody wants to go to heaven
But nobody wants to die
Except the man who killed for god

Look upon the faithless
The forsaken tendered corpse
Here is the joy of murder
And the sweet smell of cremation
This man who killed for god
Who walks where dearth is king
Who gives us blood and flame
And all that terror can bring.

06. Hell on Earth / Blood Runs Red

Music & lyrics by Discharge
[Hell On Earth]

A glaring light an unnatural tremor
Suffocating heat, suffocating heat
A hell on earth, hell on earth

Men women and children groaning in agony
From the intolerable pains of their burns
A hell on earth, hell on earth

[Blood Runs Red]

Cut down by machine gun fire
The blood runs red, the blood runs red
Hot lead rips through flesh
The blood runs red, the blood runs red

07. Aborted Stygian Foetus

Killing me, kill, murder
Killing you, kill, slaughter
Killing us, kill, martyr
Killing them, kill, slayer
Bury me, bury, murder
Bury me, bury, slaughter

We are an aborted species
A desolate child on a planet made of blood
And ashamed of none
A still-born corpse, hunters of the gods

Killers we were
Killers we are
We are disciples of hell
Before the Stygian foetus