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Men Eater - Vendaval lyrics


01. First Season

Music & lyrics by Men Eater
Everytime we trust
You push it back in reverse
Those days went numb
You were the perfect one
I'm going down

The sea moved across these dirty lands
Snake eyes
Sharp teeth
Old lies
My release

02. Heartbeating Locomotiva

Music & lyrics by Men Eater
This sentence I've written on my scars
Wrong words mark my steps
Right and loosen every broken bone
Blood drops behind
Growing arms passing time
Iron bridge, lust, gold

Stone vessel I've been in
Light the dark from my sins
Hollow skull
I've betrayed
Light the dark on my return

03. Man Hates Space

Music & lyrics by Men Eater
Slow down and turn
The sly is red
Fire will come

Your best will turn into your worst
You're broke
You'll burn into dust

Slow down
Live and learn
Soon you'll stumble
When on your own

What you found now is lost
You found out how much it cost
Those who came they lied
And now I'm being denied
His fight, his goal
Left broken, all alone
Last chance, last day
All that's left is taken away

04. Quatero

Music & lyrics by Men Eater

05. Drunk Flies Drugged Souls

Music & lyrics by Men Eater
Take your time
Hope you're still breathing
Too late
Those flies will eat your soul

Take your time
Hope you're still breathing in
Too late
The sands are gonna fill your lungs

Bet souls never pray

Dark age
Sinners and saints
No one lives with one eye

No one can live with one eye

As the saints come by
No one can live with one eye
Better lie while other lay
Bet souls never pray

06. Last Season

Music & lyrics by Men Eater
Sad is to awake
Living as a hero by mistake
How far did we fly
For some we've returned
For most we've died
Climbing and seeking with my shadow
Hold on, oh no
Why are you burying me
Digging my hole
I'm still here holding my soul

I am eating worms
Feeling the storm above me
Oh no, hold on
Digging my hole

I'm becoming one of those
Watching the seasons going by this hole
I'm turning into a hero
Dead and gone in this hole

07. 1200

Music & lyrics by Men Eater
My beliefs
The fault I carry with
The pain I feel for the best of the path

Drama bones sun melting me

Slice brake
Lost faith
Lone son
Oceans turn

Night fights
Ice blood release
What a lucky misery has been told
Thick walls
Ugly man creature
Dead by dead
Left by the living

08. Medusa

Music & lyrics by Men Eater
(The) sun is low
Trying to cast your soul with gold
(The) moon is high
It didn't work but was worth the try

Sore eyes
For old times

09. Novee

Music & lyrics by Men Eater

10. Coldest Tide

Music & lyrics by Men Eater
Deep I go
Drinking this ocean
Going low
Rock head blood
Soon I'll end up dead
The sun burns my eyes
Black hole

Sleeping for eternity
Nightmares setting my soul free
Cold as a rock
Thunders and rays
My heart is locked

I wish I could be back home
I feel cold and alone in this world

11. Queen Of A Million

Music & lyrics by Men Eater
The world
Clouds as I know
Should I walk away?
Pale faces empty soul
Take me away

New skin
Should I walk away?
They will never know
It's better to keep me today

Been out
Locked down
Never felt any worst
No destiny
Be me
I'll be gone
I'm gone

12. Dead At Sea

Music & lyrics by Men Eater
Deadly tracking
Further heaven
Dead over the sea

Battle I seek
Further hell
Dream that made me believe