TesseracT - Altered State lyrics


01. Of Matter - Proxy

Music by Acle Kahney, TesseracT
Lyrics by Ashe O'Hara
I'm a surrogate I'm archetypal and itinerant
I'm your excuse to long for a superior I will undertake
I will overcome. Imperfection you will find look
Close enough, tear off the mask I need this
Endeavour is not mine you subject me to the daggers
You conceive I'm stronger than I was before. Thus
You reinforce these walls, I can't fight you anymore
Threatened by the open door. All the chances I ignore
I can't stand still anymore

The day is done, nothing left to say. Resting head in
Hands, wishing I had known my place. To take a stand
The errand of a fool. I'm not to reprimand, I'm here to
Help you through. Is nothing like it seems? Living in
This sequence; a dream. Is nothing like it seems?
Gather broken shards of self-esteem

02. Of Matter - Retrospect

Music by Acle Kahney, TesseracT
Lyrics by Ashe O'Hara
Burning bridges, as I cower beneath. Trying to salvage
The debris my devotion tied around your waist lest you fall
No one seems to sense the strain. No one seems to know

I don't begin to proclaim that I know. I can't continue
Down this road

Dwelling on what has come to pass. No force alive will
Bring it back, I would know. I can feel the pressure getting
Steeper with every life lost. You hope that I won't see
The light of day in time to come. With no conviction
Founded just judgment contorted based on lust
Give me strength. Your assumption brings to a
Conclusion of no consequence. And I refuse to play
Into your hands for your appeal. Inadequate, inadequate
I know, I know, I know, I know. I've hoped, I've hoped
You'll see me

03. Of Matter - Resist

Music by Acle Kahney, TesseracT
Lyrics by Ashe O'Hara
Turn back time. Reason why. Break neck speed. History
Waiting, waning, exasperating, unstrung, tethered, hoping forever

No! I tried to settle bets with my own soul. Bless my lips
For the first time before you don't. Gripping to the last
Touch of your hand I grow to loathe. Hope that you
Remember just how far I'll go. I'll spend the rest of my
Life wishing I'm enough. Resist. Resist. Resist

04. Of Mind - Nocturne

Music by Acle Kahney, TesseracT
Lyrics by Ashe O'Hara
Climb, you're dehydrated. Fly, your wings are jaded
Cry, you're enervated. Die, for what you believe in. Try
You've nearly made it. Why?

You're the plague within my dreams. Soaring through an
Atmosphere of an adequate lack of strength, and we're
Responsible. The truth is that will ends here. Denial's
An impairment of your fear. Can we save us from
Ourselves? This is the saviour and its form

You can break through, wake me up, tell me it's gone
False hope sells lies. I won't buy we are still one
Let's attempt escape. Melancholia will feed, we'll admit
Defeat, the vox popular will cease. The air is thickening
We are drifting

What's done is done. One more second chance would be
Enough. Only on the brink can we see so clearly. Wake me up

05. Of Mind - Exiled

Music by Acle Kahney, TesseracT
Lyrics by Ashe O'Hara
Turn your back on everything. Banging heads with
Prophecy. Lavish in uncertainty

Who will I be? How will I live to tell what I have seen?
Must I endure the hell that comes with the peace? An
Equilibrium of God's own release. What does it all
Mean? How can he justify? How can we breathe when
The stagnancy's choking me? How can we dream? The
Nightmare - the reality. How do you sleep at night?

Take this doubt and fear to your grave

This life of stone. The hand of God I'm too tempted to
Bribe. I'm getting old and growing paralyzed. We're all
Alone, until we let our minds take to the skies. Our
Blood runs cold, yet we remain alive

What's the confliction between heart & mind? How to
Bridge the void? Fuse the two in kinship. To understand
Your prospects and vistas, and yet to see the love here
Too. It's more than I can do. Vows and pursuits which
At best, hollow. I remain torn in two

Just seize the moment. Sabotage the lies. Life turns on
A dime. Please cease the torment. It's weighing on my
Mind. The pressure you apply won't hold

Lavish in uncertainty. Turn your back on everything

06. Of Reality - Eclipse

Music by Acle Kahney, TesseracT
Lyrics by Ashe O'Hara
I won't deny. My mind has wandered to the other side
Follow the light. The beauty of explosions in the sky

I've breached the silence. I reek of sin. A rift in the
Forked road I grow to dread. Don't cry to me, I'm not
A friend to those who dwell on the dead

Detox. Sunrise

There's a crevice in my hope, the scale, the means, the
End won't stop overwhelming me. No light at the end
Of the tunnel. The fear, the doubt, the dark won't cast
Shadows over me

I'm broken. You're broken

As the crescent grows, and as the light returns can
We face a new beginning? Such a retrospective obsession

07. Of Reality - Palingenisis

Music by Acle Kahney, TesseracT
Lyrics by Ashe O'Hara
What emerges from this seed? No one's to know. The
Endless possibilities continue to grow. I fight my way
Through soil and stone, born to this world. Am I to face
It all alone? In solitude? Crawling through the
Furrows deep I sense the storm, waiting for me at
The peak. Marching to the drums of...

War won't suffice. Will not satisfy. Value your life?
Turn back now while there's time. Change your mind
Find a resolve of a peaceful kind. We won't fight. Only
To survive. My back, your knife. That's the price you have
Laid upon your lives

I know it's too late. Can't redeem my respect

You don't know what it costs. All this work will be lost
You deserve all you get

08. Of Reality - Calabi-Yau

Music by Acle Kahney, TesseracT

09. Of Energy - Singularity

Music by Acle Kahney, TesseracT
Lyrics by Ashe O'Hara
No, don't. Give me your hand, I can save you from the
Fall. Go, I'm in your shadow, run until your feet are
Aching to the bone

I see you looking back at me. As this might be the end of
Me. Misfortune in my history, and even more awaiting me
Tired of such controversies. Sometimes I long for sweet
Release. I've found a place that welcomes me. A greener
Grass and bluer sea. Free from all the sodden grief. No
Clenching fists, no gritting teeth. I feel the freedom
As I breathe. A nature and its calm relief

It all comes to life. Right before your eyes

And I wander through ideals, reflecting all I know and
How it falls into focus. It seems my progression lays
Behind this wall. So I plant a seed, and lead erosion to
The wall. And lead erosion to it all

And I'll be here, looking for purpose in the sun. And I'll
Be ever here

The horizon bears such a beauty. We'll never know how
Much we can't see. Your atheist terse solemnity. It bruises me

And it all comes to life. Why do I still feel? Dead inside

10. Of Energy - Embers

Music by Acle Kahney, TesseracT
Lyrics by Ashe O'Hara
I think I've seen a million sights, and then I see that I'm
Still a child. How could I have been so blind to firmly
Believe there is no choice. I'm so aware that you are just
As equally cauterized as I. Is this for me? Another flame
To tarnish my every chance

Wait inside the fire