Jambinai - Différance

Korean Post-metal. With haegeum, geomungo and piri. 16.01.2013

So you think all post-metal sounds the same? Let 잠비나이 prove you wrong...

This way, gentlemen.

Wolfbrigade - Damned

Death metal-enCrusted D-beat 31.12.2012

If Bolt Thrower and Asphyx were getting together to play punk, it would probably sound like this.

Minority Sound - The Explorer

Cyber metal 12.12.2012

So you really digged Neurotech's debut album Antagonist, but don't like the way they are going now? Weep no more, Minority Sound are here for the rescue!

(what's the deal with all those Eastern Europeans being awesome at cyber metal anyway?)
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Darkside Momo, Ag Fox

Dark Suns - Orange

Prog rock 13.01.2012

Forget Opeth, THIS is how retro prog rock is done! And despite its vintage sound, Orange still comes across as fresh and original. Fans of King Crimson, Pain of Salvation and Riverside, you know what to do!

Bergthron - Expedition Autarktis

Progressive Pagan Metal 14.03.2011

Wait wait wait! Did you just say progressive _pagan_ metal?! Yessir, that's what I said. Instead of reiterating the same formula (as it seems to be common practice in the pagan metal scene) after their 2007 masterpiece "Leben und Lebenswille", Bergthron pull a Theatre Of Tragedy and do exactly what none of their fans wanted them to do: abandoning the epic OoooOOOooOhhh parts altogether and becoming modern, fresh, progressive and, yes, perhaps even experimental and avantgarde, while song titles like "84°03'N 174°51'W (Asgard)" reflect their attempt to deliver a modern interpretation of the myths of yore. Highly recommendable for Enslaved worshippers and pagan metal fans who want to listen to something different for a change.
Picked by: Promonex

Todtgelichter - Angst

Sonic post-modernism 02.01.2011

The cover already shows that Todtgelichter aren't your average panda black metal band anymore. With elements of black metal, progressive metal, post-metal, new wave, shoegaze and alternative rock (and a short passage reminiscent of proto-dubstep), Angst is a bleak yet strangely beautiful vision of post-modern life. Highly recommended for fans of Enslaved, Amesoeurs, Alcest and Agrypnie.

Kvelertak - Kvelertak

Black metal + hardcore punk + rock'n'roll = blackcore. Or black'n'punk'n'roll. Or something like that. 13.08.2010

A fucking explosive beast of an album! It doesn't get more badass than this! If you can listen to "Ulvetid" (featuring Hoest of Taake) without totally flipping out, you must be quite dead already. See that green play button below? Click it NAO!

And their live shows are supposed to be even more insane! Catch 'em on their European tour with Converge and Kylesa or the other one with Coliseum and Bison B.C. if you know what's good for ya! I know I will.