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Sarcofagus - Trivia

Due to problems with the label, Sarcofagus had to change their name to Kimmo Kuusniemi Band. In 2004, Moottorilinnut was remastered and is available for download at Sarcofagus official site, under the name Motorbirds. A new artwork is also available, including front cover, back cover, inlay, tray and CD label graphics.
Sarcofagus is first Finnish metal band to have an iPhone App.
Kimmo Kuusniemi brought metal to radio, TV and papers where he was often used as the expert to explain the metal philosophy to reporters.
Kimmo Kuusniemi was the first spoke person for Finnish heavy metal. He also started the "Finnish Heavy Metal Association" to bring together all the Finnish metal fans.
First band in the world to release a full album length story/broadcast quality video ever (Motorbirds). This was before MTV, rental or sales videos and before people had VHS players.
Sarcofagus is first Scandinavian heavy metal band to have a female vocalist.
After Sarcofagus broke up, Kimmo, the band's mastermind, started to work as a professional film maker, and has produced and directed hundreds of international films from TV commercials to music videos, from Vader to Madonna. He also composed tons of movie soundtracks.
Sarcofagus was one of the first heavy metal bands from Finland. With the album Moottorilinnut, released under the moniker Kimmo Kuusniemi Band, they also were the first metal band to sing in Finnish.