FRA, Paris - Dark Tranquillity: Where Death Is Most Alive Tour

Location: France, Paris (Locomotive)
Date: 28 October 2008


Who was there?

wrathchild 100%
-Alx- 100%

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
24.10.2008 GER, Berlin 1
25.10.2008 GER, Hamburg
26.10.2008 NED, Dordrecht
27.10.2008 BEL, Vosselaar 1
28.10.2008 FRA, Paris 2
29.10.2008 FRA, Lyon 1
31.10.2008 ITA, Milan 4
01.11.2008 ITA, Bologna 3
02.11.2008 ITA, Rome
Date City Audience
04.11.2008 ITA, Treviso 1
05.11.2008 SLO, Ljubljana 8
06.11.2008 AUT, Vienna 1
07.11.2008 AUT, Graz 3
08.11.2008 SUI, Winterthur 1
09.11.2008 GER, Munich 1
10.11.2008 GER, Stuttgart
11.11.2008 GER, Cologne
12.11.2008 DEN, Copenhagen


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30.10.2008 - 23:54
A great moment! Again I wasn't that familiar with the 3 bands so I was glad the sound was good throughout the night. The venue (that was my first time there) was cool, and I could find a spot from where to watch most of the stage.
Fear My Thoughts was enjoyable as an opening band, but neither their music nor their performance will have me check their discography...
Poisonblack was uplifting. The suomi touch I'd say. And with Ville's voice, reminding of how good Sentenced could be, I was kinda captivated.
And Dark Tranquillity... were just great. They played songs from lots of albums and managed to give the show a good rhythm, so we had no possibility of ever getting bored. Actually the crowd was excited, I can't count the number of times people went crowd surfing, getting on stage and spending some time with Stanne before jumping off. This was irritating to me, but I was surprised I didn't want to kill them, for once. And well, Stanne went crowd surfing (still singing) 3 times too. Everybody was happy
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Txus, Mägo De Oz
01.11.2008 - 05:18
Winter is Coming
He does the crowd surfing and singing quite often, once it was directly at the spot I was standing and it was a reminder of how short I am, oh yeah could not reach him

Dare I ask,, any pics?
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