USA, San Francisco, CA - Killswitch Engage + Dark Tranquillity: US Tour

Location: USA, San Francisco, CA

The Warfield (map and info)

Date: 07 March 2010


Who was there?

Oric 20%
Hui 20%

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
04.02.2010 USA, Boston, MA 1
05.02.2010 USA, Atlantic City, NJ
06.02.2010 USA, Norfolk, VA
08.02.2010 USA, Lake Buena Vista, FL
10.02.2010 USA, Atlanta, GA
11.02.2010 USA, Charlotte, NC
12.02.2010 USA, Baltimore, MD 2
13.02.2010 USA, Cleveland, OH 3
15.02.2010 USA, Chicago, IL 1
18.02.2010 USA, Minnesota, MN
19.02.2010 USA, Milwaukee, WI 1
20.02.2010 USA, Royal Oak, MI
21.02.2010 USA, Indianapolis, IN 1
23.02.2010 USA, Tulsa, OK
24.02.2010 USA, Austin, TX 2
25.02.2010 USA, Live Houston, TX
26.02.2010 USA, Dallas, TX 1
Date City Audience
27.02.2010 USA, Corpus Christi, TX
01.03.2010 USA, Albuquerque, NM
03.03.2010 USA, Las Vegas, NV 1
05.03.2010 USA, Tempe, AZ
06.03.2010 USA, Los Angeles, CA 2
07.03.2010 USA, San Francisco, CA 2
09.03.2010 USA, Portland, OR
10.03.2010 USA, Seattle, WA
12.03.2010 USA, Magna, UT 1
13.03.2010 USA, Denver, CO
14.03.2010 USA, Kansas City, MO
15.03.2010 USA, St. Louis, MO 1
16.03.2010 USA, Nashville, TN
18.03.2010 USA, New York, NY
19.03.2010 USA, New York, NY 1
21.03.2010 USA, Wallingford, CT 1


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03.02.2010 - 00:17
Who is headlining? I'll just be there for DT.. KSE can suck me....
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21.02.2010 - 21:37
Cyborg Raptor
Im down to see Dark tranquility but idont think its gonna be worth it this tour due to the extreme gayness of the other bands.
pewpew.. gotcha
01.03.2010 - 03:13
WTF, why are they touring with these bands?
01.03.2010 - 23:56
Last time they were here they came with Kill Swtich Engage... Why I don't know because they are not melodic death and moreless scream the whole time.
The troubles of avoiding horseshit.
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02.03.2010 - 20:54
Well I wont be paying $40 to leave after DT plays... KSE is crap. To bad.... Wish they could play at Slim's or DNA lounge by themselves like everyone else that goes on tour over here. They would be SO much better alone then with those KSE kids.
The troubles of avoiding horseshit.
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