NED, Tilburg - 013

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Type: Club
Location: The Netherlands, Tilburg
Veemarktstraat 44

Contacts: Tel: 013 460 95 00
Fax: 013 460 95 01

Unforgettable shows, amazing dance events, furious stand-up comedians, one-off projects and even fresh, young talent got the change to perform. It is easy to say that 013 is an unique venue in the center of Tilburg. 013 consists of large and medium-sized auditoria (Dommelsch Zaal and Kleine Zaal) and a smaller space for new/specialist music trends (Bat Cave). It also contains a studio and several rehearsal rooms. Spatially the building meshes with the Tivoli parking structure as one large built mass which screens off the street and cleanly marks off the park. The expanded metal screen of the parking facility is extended on one side to project in front of the facade of 013. Facades and roof are clad in black EPDM rubber filled with glass wool and sporting real CDs on its surface. Since 1998 artists like Robbie Williams, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Alice Cooper, The Roots, Tool, Blondie, Damien Rice, Kraftwerk, Editors, Interpol, Armin van Buuren, Pablo Francisco, Ice Cube, Lucky Dube, Chuck Berry and a lot of other have performed in 013. 013 appeals to all lovers of pop music from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and sometimes even whole Europe. Quality, public opinion and affordability are of great importance. 013 organise about 400 activities with an amount of more than 230.000 visitors each year.

Upcoming gigs / Past gigs

20.12.2019 At The Gates: To Drink From The Night Itself European Tour 2019
26.01.2020 Dimmu Borgir & Amorphis: Co-Headlining European Tour 2020 (1)
01.02.2020 Thy Art Is Murder: Human Target European Tour 2020 (1)
05.02.2020 DragonForce: European Tour 2020
17.02.2020 Babymetal: Metal Galaxy European Tour 2020
18.02.2020 Destruction: Thrash Alliance European Tour 2020
10.04.2020 Krisiun: Slaying Steel Over Europe Tour 2020
16.04.2020 Roadburn 2020 (3)
29.04.2020 Visions Of Atlantis: Wanderers European Tour 2020 - Part II
23.06.2020 Body Count: Carnivore European Tour 2020



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