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Crimson Glory - Guitarist Arrested On Drug Charges

According to the web site of the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, Crimson Glory's guitarist Jon Drenning was arrested on April 8th in Sarasota, Florida on charges of conspiracy to purchase cocaine and use of a two-way communication device to facilitate a felony. He was released the following day after posting $10,000 bail on each charge. The guitarist Jon Drenning will now be arraigned on May 9th.


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Crimson Glory - Band Update

Ever since singer Todd La Torre left the band and joined Queensrÿche, Crimson Glory haven't said much about their future but recently they released a statement revealing that the band is still a go. The band members have been busy with their other projects but there are new ideas for a new Crimson Glory album even though at this point there are no commitments in terms of release date or a new singer.


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Crimson Glory - Singer Todd La Torre Leaves

Some people might have been expecting it after he joined Queensrÿche, the one where Geoff Tate is no longer part of the picture, but now Todd La Torre has left Crimson Glory after joining the band in 2010. Florida-based progressive metal band Crimson Glory will have to find a replacement.


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Crimson Glory - Release Raw Demo Song

Crimson Glory have returned home from touring and are set to finish writing and recording their new album, a concept record tentatively slated for release next year. The band has now released a raw demo track entitled "Garden Of Shadows", a taste of what is to come on the long awaited follow-up to the 1999 release Astronomica. You can listen to it on the video below.


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Nightmare - Streaming Crimson Glory Cover Online & Reveal New Album Title

French metallers Nightmare have recorded a cover version of the song "Where Dragons Rule", taken from the Crimson Glory album Transcendence, as a tribute to vocalist John Patrick Jr. "Midnight" McDonald. The former Crimson Glory frontman Midnight passed away on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009, due to total kidney and liver failure. He was 47 years old. The song can be heard at this location.


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Crimson Glory - Former Singer Midnight Passed Away

On July 8, 2009, founding member and original Crimson Glory frontman Midnight passed away at 3:30am surrounded by his family. An official statement reads as follows:

On July 8th, 2009 the world lost one of its greatest singer/songwriters. Founding member and original Crimson Glory frontman Midnight (John Patrick McDonald, Jr.) passed away peacefully, (in true Midnight form on an eerily cloudy, full moon-lit night) at 3:30am with his family by his side. He was 47 years old.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, July 11th at 6:30pm at Siesta Key public beach (just south of main pavillion). This celebration of Midnight's life will be open to all who wish to attend. The band has released the following statements:

"Midnight was a very special soul with a beautiful heart...

To try to describe his many gifts through the limiting restraints of text and typeset is like trying to describe a thousand rainbows to a blind man who never learned to count. His mind was both extraordinarily beautiful and enticingly frightening, an indescribably mysterious place from which came some of the most brilliantly creative and soulfully poignant lyrics in the history of heavy metal. He was not always understood, but his talents were undeniable and transcended far beyond the bounds of our weaker imaginations.

As is the case with all truly great artists, Midnight was hounded by his demons... but he put them to work, using them to pull back the curtains of his cosmic wonderland and reveal the pieces and parts that made him who he was: the soft vulnerable child, the eccentric and maniacal genius, the soaring passionate believer, the charming and mischievous imp, the wistful dream weaver... discovering Midnight was like discovering a new reality for us; we knew from the moment we first heard him sing that he was something special, and we all feel honored that he shared himself not just with us, but with the rest of the world.

Midnight's voice was truly unique; he had such an emotional, magical, mystical quality that most singers never have or come close to achieving. That voice took all who heard it through highs and lows, through triumph and suffering; every word, every note touching, reaching deep inside and commanding response and feeling. He was a great influence for metal singers and will continue to be for many years to come.

Despite his personal demons we always loved him and hoped that one day he would get well. We will miss him dearly. He was one of us...our friend, our brother. Midnight was and will always be the singer for Crimson Glory. He is at peace now; he will always live in our hearts...he is forever."


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Crimson Glory - Sign With Black Lotus Records

Crimson Glory sign multiple releases deal with Black Lotus Records

Crimson Glory members Jon Drenning, Jeff Lords and Ben Jackson have finally reunited with their original singer Midnight. There is a wealth of material that the band will release through Black Lotus Records - on this - the bands 20th anniversary.

The debut album of Crimson Glory will be expanded - remastered and have a new title. Crimson Glory - 'Lost Reflections', will feature new artwork, new and previously unseen band photos, lyrics and new liner notes and also the added bonus of the previously unreleased songs - "Love me - kill me" and "Dream Dancer" which was originally only found on the Par cassette release of the album and on some hard to find singles, a new video for the song 'Lost Refection' and a band interview about the first CD.
Apart from the debut, an upgraded version of Transcendence will be released - subtitled Transcendence : Renovatio, featuring new cover art, unpublished band photos, lyrics and new liner notes, new mastering, demo versions of two songs as bonuses, a new video for the song 'Painted Skies' and a band interview about the second CD.

There are plans for a DVD with the tentative title: Phantoms of the Opera. Also an "Astronomica" newly recorded, with Midnight at the helm, a collection with many rare and previously unreleased songs and the band's brand new album in mid 2007.

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Crimson Glory - Update

The following message is posted at Crimson Glory's website:

"It's been six years since the band released its last album, and 16 years since it performed with its classic lineup.

That will change in 2006, when CG celebrates the 20th anniversary of its first album with reissues of its back catalog, new releases of rare audio and video, and live performances, says founder/guitarist Jon Drenning.

"There's a tremendous amount of loyal fans around the world who love this band, and they're making it possible for this to happen, because they keep demanding more material from Crimson Glory," Drenning said.

Drenning has reassembled original members Midnight (lead vocals), Ben Jackson (guitar) and Jeff Lords (bass). The drummer has yet to be announced.

The reunion will include:
Remastered reissues of the band's self-titled first CD, originally released in 1986, "Transcendence" (1988) and "Astronomica" (1999), all on Black Lotus Records. All will contain previously unreleased tracks; "Astronomica" may include Midnight's vocals for the first time and a new video shot at the pyramids in Egypt.

A DVD featuring never-before-released live footage, including a 1989 concert at the Manatee Civic Center.
An anthology box set, "Valley of Shadows, Kingdoms of Light."
Live performances at various European festivals.
In addition, Drenning has signed a side deal with Black Lotus to distribute CDs by unknown American bands in Europe. Drenning, who books and promotes acts in various Bradenton clubs, has already made agreements with Gargamel! and Ripa Joda.

The band also plans on recording an all-new album for 2007, backed by a tour.

All this begs one question: Will Crimson Glory once again don the face masks synonymous with its name?

"Being that it's part of our history, I think we will to some degree," Drenning said. "Maybe for (concert) encores, we'll put the masks back on"."

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