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30.11The Hollow - Announce New Ep Available Only On Net
27.11Therion - Closing down official site
25.11Theatres Des Vampires - Singer Left
 Listenable Records - Last News Of The Label
 Rage - Online Diary And Japan Tour Dates
 Finnish Metal Expo - Helsinki - January 2005
24.11Dreamtale - New Album On The Way
 Bolt Thrower - Willetts Rejoin The Band
23.11Amaran - Guitarist Left The Band *Updated*
22.11Aquilon - Line-up's Change For The Band
 Morphia - 2 Mp3s From The New Album
 Tourniquet - Guitarist Rejoins The Band
 Power Quest - Enter In The Studio
 Of The Wand & The Moon - New Album Coming
 Eidolon - Update

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The Hollow - Announce New Ep Available Only On Net

"You're hearing it here first, Swarmers! The Hollow is shaking up the music biz again. The band has just announced that they will be releasing a new 5-song EP titled "Ab Gehenna" that will ONLY be available via download. No CDs, no retail...period. Starting in December, you will be able to buy this EP online at and in the Swarm Store.

As if that weren't enough turmoil, The Hollow also announced that they will be launching their digital-only EP in style by offering it for download at an iPod Download Station in merch booths on their December cross-Canada tour."
Posted: 30.11.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Therion - Closing down official site

Posted on official site by webmaster on 26.11.2004:

As all good things must come to an end, for some time now I have been feeling that my time with this page is almost over. Due to many personal reasons, mainly me being overworked with other, more proffitable jobs (Hey, you gotta eat, right? The Therion page isn't really an employer.), I simply don't have the time nor the initiative to do stuff on this page, after I spend 15 hours a day in front of a computer screen. So I have decided to do the only proper thing, and that is to formally quit the Megatherion Intelligence Page project. I will do so in a matter of days, as I still have a lot of unsorted mail to sort (and forward to appropriate persons) and to add quite a lot of pictures from the gigs (thanx a lot for sending them people, they are great!) to add to the photo section.


Band profile: Therion
Posted: 27.11.2004 by Ivor | Comments (0)

Theatres Des Vampires - Singer Left

After 10 years of history Theatres des Vampires have split from the singer Alexander.
This happened in the recent days.
After 3 months of discussions and a formal stop of activities, Theatres des Vampires was forced to stop the collaboration with the singer Alexander.
The singer during the last year suffered for a badly and distructive form of jelousy against some members of the band as Scarlet (the well know she singer of the band) and Fabian the keyboard player and main compositor of the band.
This caused major problems and a virtually impossible continuing of activities of the band in this kind of situation.
The band fronts 2 options, or disband the band or fire out who has been the problem in the last months.
And the decision is taken.
Theatres des Vampires, in according with the official Management Tim Fraser and the label Plastic Head decided to stop the collaboration with the singer Alexander and at today are searching for a new singer to replace him.
For the moment all activities of the band are freezed while searching for the new singer.
For news and extra information you can get in touch at the same address as always:
Soon on-line you will find more recent news and updates about the situation at:

Band profile: Theatres Des Vampires
Posted: 25.11.2004 by undercraft | Comments (0)

Listenable Records - Last News Of The Label


" The overall sound of the album became really massive compared to our debut album 'Inhumanity' and the production is very futuristic and top-notch because we had time to record a lot of extra stuff in our own studio. To mention few bands that the album might sound like, I would go with a mix of AT THE GATES, CARCASS, and EVANESCENCE for some parts . Even blastbeat is heard from time to time, and Ville's vocal parts turned out to be something else, his voice has really developed to more serious deathmetal growling." Jori / MPE.

1. Pure
2. The Harmony Remains
3. Parasites of Paradise
4. Two Steps Away

Posted: 25.11.2004 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Rage - Online Diary And Japan Tour Dates

"Since a couple of days Peavy, Victor and Mike are on European tour again, celebrating their band anniversary together with their fans. Peavy writes a tour diary, which you will find at the "Live" section together with live photos from the shows. Every 3-4 days we will update the report".

Also, in the beginning of February 2005 Rage will play 2 concerts in Japan.
05.02.2005 J Osaka Club-Quattro
06.02.2005 J Tokyo Club-Quattro

For more info, check out their website:

Band profile: Rage
Posted: 25.11.2004 by janhuss | Comments (0)

Finnish Metal Expo - Helsinki - January 2005

FINNISH METAL EXPO - Helsinki, Kaapelitehdas, January 28-29.2005

- Finnish Metal Expo gathers consumers, musicians and businesses under the same roof
- Hilselinko seeks for the most interesting new metal talent in Finland
- International Metal Meeting is a professional event for the industry

Among the bands announced for live shows are the following:
Sonata Arctica
Mnemic (DEN)
Machine Men
Total Devastation
Pain Confessor
The Scourger

For more info, visit the official page of the event:
Posted: 25.11.2004 by janhuss | Comments (0)

Dreamtale - New Album On The Way

In a update on their website we found that "The third album Difference is now mixed and mastered", also it was previously posted the tracklist of the album, that is as follow:

Lost souls
Wings of Icaros
New life
Lucid times
the Mirror
World*s child
Sail away
Secret door
We are one
Green fields
Powerplay (Bonus)


Band profile: Dreamtale
Posted: 24.11.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Bolt Thrower - Willetts Rejoin The Band

"BOLT THROWER have found a replacement for the recently departed Dave Ingram.

The band is very happy to announce that original vocalist Karl Willetts has rejoined them as a full-time member.

Karl said, "It's fantastic to be a part of the mighty BOLT THROWER again. It feels great to be back with the guys, I can't wait to get my teeth into the new songs and get back on the road again. I've got some unfinished business to attend to...!"

The now complete line-up of BOLT THROWER - Karl Willetts, Gavin Ward, Barry Thomson, Jo Bench & Martin Kearns - will spend the next few weeks finishing off the new material and plan to go into the studio in the new year."


Band profile: Bolt Thrower
Posted: 24.11.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Amaran - Guitarist Left The Band *Updated*

Guitarist/main songwriter Kari Kainulainen has left the Swedish progressive metallers Amaran. "I have decided to leave Amaran to devote my energy to my new band, Sibliance," Kainulainen writes on the band's web site. "I not not leaving Amaran because of any personal indifferences... Amaran has just been working poorly lately, which has made me frustrated. I can remove by stepping down. Furthemore, I haven't been satisfied what so ever about the situation with Listenable (I guess that's the biggest issue)...

"I wish the Amaran guys all the best and all the best of luck!!!"

Amaran's sophomore effort, "Pristine In Bondage", was released in January through Listenable Records. The follow-up to "A World Depraved" was recorded at Studio Underground in Västerås, Sweden and is the group's first since the departure of bassist Mikael Andersson (he has since been replaced by Julie Laughs No More drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl).


Band profile: Amaran
Posted: 23.11.2004 by Angelique | Comments (0)

Aquilon - Line-up's Change For The Band


Sébastien has left the role of guitarist to Stéphane Jeannin for personnal reasons.
Stéphane has already played in many different bands and got a solid experience. Beeing an excellent guitar-player, he's bringing more power and cohesion to the Aquilon's music.

The 2 next concerts of the band :
04 décembre - Macon (71) - La Cave a Musique - 21h00 - 9€
11 décembre - Saint Martin D'Hères - L'Art Scène" (80 rue des Taillées-38400)
Posted: 22.11.2004 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Morphia - 2 Mp3s From The New Album

The band have posted 2 songs from their latest album Fading Beauty on the news section of their official website.
Posted: 22.11.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Tourniquet - Guitarist Rejoins The Band

"Well, it's been awhile, but we can finally announce that our longtime friend and former guitarist AARON GUERRA will once again be cranking up the guitar with Tourniquet! As you may remember, it was a mutual parting a couple three years ago, as Aaron was starting a family and so on. We are all now in a position to welcome him back and he is in a position to return - so... let's all give him a "WELCOME BACK AARON". Of course, this means you may have a chance to see Tourniquet live again..."

Band profile: Tourniquet
Posted: 22.11.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (1)

Power Quest - Enter In The Studio

"The band return to Thin Ice studios on November 22nd to record 3 new tracks for the Japanese record label. These three songs will feature on the 3rd PQ album...title coming soon!
The remainder of the album will be recorded between January 24th and the end of February 2005.

Power Quest are still searching for a new drummer to join the band. If you are a drummer and you can play in the vein of Dan Zimmerman, Jorg Michael etc then we want to hear from you!
Please contact Steve Williams for more information.

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Underworld show on November 13th! What a night! Extra special thanks to our friend Paolo who filled the drum stool for the night. Awesome performance dude!"


Band profile: Power Quest
Posted: 22.11.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Of The Wand & The Moon - New Album Coming

The Neo-folk projet by Kim Larsen put an update on his website:

"The next album 'SONNENHEIM' is being worked on
and will be released by 'Heiðrunar|Myrkrunar' & distributed by Tesco.

After long time requests the Midnight Will 10" EP, originally released by Eis+Licht,
has been re-edited, re-mixed and will be re-released on a MCD at some point in the future.
2 additional tracks was recorded at the same sessions
and will be out on a 7" single titled "HAIL HAIL HAIL".

Exact release dates to be confirmed."
Posted: 22.11.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Eidolon - Update

Here is a message take it from their official website:

"Well, I have returned, safely from Gothenburg, Sweden, where I completed all drum tracks at "Los Angered Recording" with Mr. Andy Laroque at the healm, as it were. all went very well and without problems, which is always a bonus, really. I really enjoyed my stay in Sweden - Andy really took care of me while in Gothenburg, showing me the sights, etc. All around, a very good trip - I certainly could see going back at some point, for future recording-related possibilities.

Nils dropped by the 2nd day of recording, which was nice to see him of course - at that point, the actual recordings were just commencing, so he was not able to catch much musically, but he could tell that there was a good vibe going on in the studio, so I believe that put him at ease. As I write this, Andy is working on finishing up the drum-editing, which should be completed by weeks end. I can assure you that this is the "busiest" I have played on an Eidolon record, mostly due to playing on a "real drum kit " ( I have used the roland v's for most of the records ) so it was certainly nice to get back to playing an acoustic kit in the studio!!


Band profile: Eidolon
Posted: 22.11.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

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