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3 Inches Of Blood - New Video Online

"12:34", the new video from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based metallers 3 Inches Of Blood, can be viewed at this location. The clip was directed by Tom MacLeod.

"12:34" comes off the band's latest album, Here Waits Thy Doom, which was released on August 2009 via Century Media Records. The album was reissued on June 29, 2010 as a Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem edition with four exclusive new tracks along with a bonus DVD featuring the video for "Battles And Brotherhood", 3 Inches Of Blood's performance on Fuel TV and more.


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3 Inches Of Blood - New Video Online

Bloody Disgusting and Century Media Records have teamed up to bring you the exclusive look at the new 3 Inches Of Blood video for "Silent Killer", off their Here Awaits Thy Doom album. The video has been banned by MTV for being too graphic. Check it out at this location.

Guitarist Shane Clark checks in about the video: "The concept of the song is about an assassin, so naturally we first thought of a concept featuring an assassin going around doing what they do, but in a style that is more influenced by movies that we liked. At first we thought about a simple performance style video but we've done that a few times and this seemed like a much more entertaining thing for us and our fans. Therefore, we brainstormed a bunch of ideas with Rick Podd and thought of our own killing scenes. I wanted to get poisoned and puke blood and vomit all over the place, and after that it was all in the hands of Rick.

I really had a good time with the acting stuff; it was great to work with Chris Valago as well. Some know him as the Heathen from Zimmers Hole, he's the big FX banana in the Vancouver TV & Film industry, more importantly he's a good friend of mine so we got to sit and plan out the puking at great length, I'm really happy with how that turned out. As for the entire final product, I'm very happy with it, having everyone work together on something and have it turn out great is really satisfying."


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3 Inches Of Blood - Two New Songs And Video Online

Original news, posted on 09.07.2009

3 Inches Of Blood have posted a new song "Call Of The Hammer", on their MySpace. The song comes off the band's upcoming new album, Here Waits Thy Doom. More info about the album here.

UPDATED, on 25.08.2009

Canadian metallers 3 Inches Of Blood have posted online another new song, "Battles And Brotherhood", on their MySpace page.

"Battles And Brotherhood" comes off the band's forthcoming album, Here Waits Thy Doom, which is scheduled for release on August 31 in Europe (on September 8 in the US) via Century Media Records.

UPDATE (thanks to Abattoir)

"Battles And Brotherhood", the new video from Canadian metallers 3 Inches Of Blood, has been made available at The clip was produced and directed by Rick Podd.

"Battles And Brotherhood" comes off the band's latest album, Here Waits Thy Doom, which was released on August this year via Century Media Records.


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3 Inches Of Blood - Former Bassist Dies In Accident

Weekly Volcano has posted the following article:

"We have lost a friend, family member, lover, musician and all around good person," posted Doyle's Public House co-owner Russ Heaton on his popular Tacoma bar's website.

It is with a sad heart that I report that Brian Redman died Saturday night in a motor vehicle accident in Tacoma. Redman recently returned to Tacoma after living in Southern California for a short stint. Before he left for California, he tended bar at Doyle's and fronted the rock band the Dirty Knockers. Redman also had a two-year run as bassist for metal band 3 Inches Of Blood. Doyle's Public House will be closed today (Sunday 09/27) as the owners and staff mourn the lost of their friend. On behalf of everyone at the Weekly Volcano, I extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Brian Redman."

3 Inches Of Blood issued the following statement:

"We are shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of our friend and former band mate Brian Redman. Brian was a outgoing and charismatic person who was great friends with most people he met. We couldn't help but smile or laugh when he was around. He had such a likable personality but also had a knack for putting serious things into perspective.

While in the band Brian played a big part. He joined the band shortly after signing a big record deal, and endured the turmoil that followed after recording our "Advance and Vanquish" album. For a time the bands future was uncertain, but Brian was unwavering in his desire to play this music with us. He was loved by many and enjoyed life to the fullest. Goodbye Brian, our fallen brother. You will be greatly missed."


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3 Inches Of Blood - New Album Tracklisting

The world is eagerly awaiting the triumphant return of one of the biggest defenders of traditional heavy metal, 3 Inches Of Blood, and the anticipation continues to build to epic proportions. The stunning new album, "Here Waits Thy Doom", was tracked in Seattle's Sound House Recordings with renowned producer Jack Endino (High On Fire) and is soon to be hailed as the gospel of all things heavy. The album's official track listing is below along with some very interesting covers that span the hard rock spectrum and will be appearing as b-sides and/or bonus tracks for the upcoming release.

"Here Waits Thy Doom" is set for a September 8th release and stay tuned to the bands official MySpace page for all tour dates, videos and current news.

"Here Waits Thy Doom" tracklisting:

01. Battles and Brotherhood
02. Rock In Hell
03. Silent Killer
04. Fierce Defender
05. Preachers Daughter
06. Call of the Hammer
07. Snake Fighter
08. At the Foot of the Great Glacier
09. All of them Witches
10. 12:34
11. Execution Tank
12. Not Fragile (Bachman-Turner Overdrive cover)
13. Cities on Flame (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
14. Daytona (Zeke cover)

Cam Pipes (vocals) further explains the band's decision process when picking out what songs to pay homage to: "We decided to cover "Not Fragile" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive because they're a Canadian band and we wanted to represent our Canadian musical roots. BTO had many hits, but we wanted to do a deeper cut from their catalog plus 'Not Fragile' has a heavy driving riff at the core of the song which we felt translated well with our style.

"Blue Oyster Cult's 'Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll' is a song that our guitarist Justin had played the main riff to at soundcheck for a few years now and I guess it just got stuck in our heads, so we decided to learn it and record it. We've also been friends with Zeke for many years and 'Daytona' has always been a favorite Zeke song of ours. It's another one we've loosely jammed out in the rehearsal space and soundchecks before. It's a rare, slow Zeke song, which is good because we'd probably butcher one of their fast songs."

Shane Clark (guitars) states: "Our new album is finished and we've named it Here Waits Thy Doom. Much like our last record it is a step beyond the album that precedes it. We've again taken what we do a step further and not made Fire up the Blades part 2, we've stuck to our formula- no formula. We are true metal fans and we've made an unapologetic metal record. I think this our most focused record to date, from writing all the way to mixing there was no unnecessary drama or too many cooks in the kitchen. This is 3 Inches Of Blood at its most punishing, epic and mighty."


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3 Inches Of Blood - Sign With Century Media Records

Century Media Records press release

One of the biggest defenders of traditional heavy metal, 3 Inches Of Blood, has crafted a new album that is soon to be hailed as the gospel of all things heavy. Century Media Records is proud to welcome these metal warriors to its worldwide family roster and fans can expect their massively anticipated new full-length release this fall.

Cam Pipes (vocals) further comment: "Ever since our departure from our previous label, Century Media has been in the forefront trying to get us to sign with them. No other label showed as much enthusiasm and belief in our band as they did. Right from the start we all got a great feeling from the whole Century Media team. We feel comfortable with the vision they have for us and are confident they have the necessary tools and motivation to help us in the ways our previous label didn't. We can't wait to unleash this new material upon the masses."

3 Inches Of Blood entered Seattle's London Bridge Studios to commence the recording process in mid April with renowned producer Jack Endino (High On Fire). The group took a break from the studio for a slew of high profile shows with genre leaders Slipknot and stay tuned to for video updates and studio reports.

Cam Pipes further states: "The show with Slipknot were absolutely amazing. Any band would be fortunate to get to play in front of their crowd and because we are such a different band than Slipknot. This was an excellent opportunity for us to put ourselves in front of people who have never heard us before and make some new fans. Obviously, Joey Jordison (Slipknot drummer), our friend and past producer, had a part in getting us on these shows and we are massively grateful to him and everyone else that made it happen."

Born out of a love for pure metal, weaned on a diet of fantasy and mythology, 3 Inches Of Blood have been slaying the infidel for nearly a decade. In that time, they've released three albums and splattered the ground with crimson streaks while on tour with such acclaimed acts as Satyricon, The Black Dahlia Murder, Motörhead and Cradle Of Filth, just to name a few. These are mighty accomplishments for dedicated warriors from Vancouver, British Columbia, a region that's not exactly the Camelot of heavy metal. With their last album, "Fire Up The Blades", they have surpassed even their own manly exploits, crafting a number of undeniable anthems that crash, rip and roar like a Medieval skirmish.


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3 Inches Of Blood - First Album To Be Released In The US

Attention U.S. 3 Inches Of Blood fans. The day you've been waiting for is finally coming. The first album, "Battlecry Under a Wintersun", will be released in the U.S. and re-released in Canada on Tuesday, February 3, 2009. It will be released by Sonic Unyon and distributed by Caroline Distribution in the U.S.

As a special treat for all who have waited to get it, there will be four bonus tracks included on the album that were previously unavailable outside of the UK.

Track listing:

01. Ride, Darkhorse Ride
02. Destroy The Orcs
03. Headwaters Of The River of Blood
04. Heir To The Chaos Throne
05. Skeletal Onslaught
06. Journey To The Promise land
07. Lady Deathwish
08. Curse Of The Lighthouse Keeper
09. Blazing Fires Of Evermore
10. Hall Of Heroes
11. Balls Of Ice

Bonus tracks:

12. Sunrise Over The Fjords
13. Conquerors Of The Northern Sphere
14. Onward To Valhalla
15. Tonight We Rejoice

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3 Inches Of Blood - Online EP Released, New Video

3 Inches Of Blood's classic track "Trial Of Champions", known for raising many mosh-pits and tearing down many rooftops, is now part of its own digital EP that has been released online by Roadrunner Records. This exclusive digital EP called "Trial Of Champions" also includes an unheard b-side.

Track List:

01. Trial Of Champions
02. In The Time Of Job When Mammon Was A Yippie
03. Key To Oblivion

In related news, 3 Inches Of Blood have made a video for the song, which can be watched at this location.

"The song is pretty much a classic underdog scenario where a downtrodden hero rises to overcome adversity," says 3IOB singer Cam Pipes. "The video shows what the hero must overcome to win his freedom."

Like the band's music, the "Trial of Champions" video is blunt, in-your face stuff with no hidden subtext; what you see is what you get. "There's no complicated or deep meaning to the song or video, just a gritty story of gladiators fighting to the death to escape captivity," Pipes says. "There are quick cuts of weapons clashing, bodies falling, and a Roman governor overseeing the bloodshed with malicious glee."
With the song's theme in mind, 3IOB reached into the sturdy metal vaults of time to capture the right mood. "The music itself is a straight rocker, very much influenced by the likes of Deep Purple and Uriah Heep," Pipes says. "We could hear what we were being influenced by as we were writing it, so we added the organ in the recording to further enhance the feel we were getting from the song already."

More info about the video here.


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3 Inches Of Blood - Canadian Tour Dates

3 Inches Of Blood are on the road again! The band has decided to insure that their loyal fans are getting the first opportunity to buy tickets. A pre-sale was held on Febr. 29, at 3pm at, this is a first come first serve opportunity so make sure to head over to the site tomorrow using the log-in info below!

Artist Arena 3 Inches Of Blood Presale

Log-In: Username: 3inchesofBlood
Password: tickets

Canadian Tour Dates:

4/09/2008 Roadhouse Tavern - Golden, BC Canada
4/10/2008 Starlite Room - Edmonton, ALB Canada
4/11/2008 MacEwan Hall - Calgary, ALB Canada
4/15/2008 Wild Bill's - Banff, ALB Canada
4/16/2008 The Royal Hotel - Fernie, BC Canada
4/17/2008 Okanagan Mission Community Hall - Kelowna, BC Canada
4/18/2008 Sugar Nightclub - Victoria, BC Canada


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3 Inches Of Blood, Decrepit Birth - Drop Off Tour

3 Inches Of Blood has dropped off the remainder of their tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Hate Eternal, and Decrepit Birth, and has also cancelled their subsequent Canadian run with Rammer. Here's a statement from the band:

"Unfortunately we've had to drop off the remainder of tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Hate Eternal, and Decrepit Birth. We will also be missing our Canadian dates, Feb 16-23, with Rammer.

It was not an easy decision to make, but due to the rapidly declining weather in the remaining areas of the tour we have decided that it would be unsafe to continue touring in these conditions. We have had a great time with all of the bands on this tour, so it is especially disappointing to have to cancel our remaining appearances. We are committed to rescheduling our appearances in all the cities we will be missing, but when the weather is warmer and the roads less treacherous. Sorry to disappoint anybody, but we would rather stay safe and live to play another day"

The remaining dates of the Hate Eternal + Decrepit Birth tour are:

08.02.2008 - USA, Lawrence, KS
09.02.2008 - USA, St. Paul, MN
10.02.2008 - USA, Iowa City, IA
12.02.2008 - USA, Sauget, IL
13.02.2008 - USA, Chicago, IL
14.02.2008 - USA, Cleveland, OH
15.02.2008 - USA, Detroit, MI

UPDATED: (on 09.02.08)

The Black Dahlia Murder have posted the following update:

"We're sorry to announce that 3 Inches Of Blood and Decrepit Birth have both dropped off the remaining dates of our headlining tour due to bad weather and poor road conditions. Us and Hate Eternal will still be making all the shows along with local support. Our good friends in The Red Chord will be coming out and joining us for the last 4 shows (Sauget, Chicago, Cleveland Detroit). Again these shows are NOT canceled, we will be there every night! Thanks to everyone who's come out to any of the shows for all the support."


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