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14.01Lord Belial - Announce Indefinite Hiatus
04.07Strapping Young Lad - Released 'Wrong Side' Video Plus A New Song
 Napalm Death - Video Preview Of Smear Campaign Posted

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Lord Belial - Announce Indefinite Hiatus

Taken straight from the band's website, Lord Belial issued the following statement:

"January 2009; Lord Belial has quit all their activities. All future gigs are cancelled. We would like to thank all fans, bands we have played with, labels, organizers and everyone involved in the band for the past 17 years!

The main reason for this is the hearing problem (tinnitus) that has grown into a quite big problem for Micke Backelin the last years... The other members in the band were not forced to put an end to the band but instead they mutually agreed that finding another drummer was not a solution for the future. Anyhow, if Micke's hearing will be at least a little bit recovered after a break from music and especially live appearances for some time, we really hope that we can continue where we ended.


Source: lordbelial.com
Band profile: Lord Belial
Posted: 14.01.2009 by HardSide | Comments (7)

Strapping Young Lad - Released 'Wrong Side' Video Plus A New Song

Strapping Young Lad posted a video from their upcoming album "The New Black", the song titled "Wrong Side" is a glimpse to what is to come off the new SYL album that is to be released on July 11 via Century Media Records. You can watch the new video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asZf3nvN2yo

Also you can download the full version of "You Suck" also featured on the upcoming new album at http://mp3.centurymedia.com/syl/thenewblack/syl_usuck.mp3

Century Media Records also re-relesed the 1995 classic "Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing", the reissue features a twelve page booklet, four bonus tracks, and a small blog from Devin Townsend, the mastermind behind Strapping Young Lad.

Source: roadrun.com
Band profile: Strapping Young Lad
Posted: 04.07.2006 by HardSide | Comments (3)

Napalm Death - Video Preview Of Smear Campaign Posted

Finishing the recording of 'Smear Campaign' their follow-up to 'The Code Is Red… Long Live the Code', Napalm Death posted a preview of the new album, straight from the recording studio. You can stream the video at http://specials.centurymedia.de/video/napalm_death__studio_preview.rm

Songtitles set to appear on the CD include 'Rabid Wolves (For Christ)', 'In Deference', 'Atheist Runt', 'When All Is Said And Done', 'Sink Fast, Let Go', 'Shattered Existence', 'Fatalist' and 'Call That An Option?' 'Smear Campaign' is set for European release via Century Media Records on September 18th (one day later in North America).


Source: napalmdeath.org
Band profile: Napalm Death
Posted: 04.07.2006 by HardSide | Comments (0)