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04.06Novembers Doom - Clips From Upcoming Album Online

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Novembers Doom - Clips From Upcoming Album Online

Posted on a blog on the band's MySpace site:

"Watch the YouTube video, hear 4 clips from the new CD, and follw the instructions to enter the give-away! Novembers Doom is giving away an 8GB, Black iPod nano. On the back of the nano the bands logo and symbol are laser engraved. The grand prize winner will receive the iPod, a signed copy of "Into Night's Requiem Infernal", and a DVD copy of "The Novella Vosselaar." Included on the iPod itself will be the entire Novembers Doom discography, including all the promotional videos, and the DVD video as well. 5 second place winners will receive an autographed copy of "Into Night's Requiem Infernal." This contest is completely random.


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Novembers Doom
Posted: 04.06.2009 by tulkas | Comments (2)