Mithras - Go Solo, New Song Online

Leon has posted a demo version of new track "Time Never Lasts" from the forthcoming fourth album online. That can be heard at this location.

He has also posted this message on the band's official forum:

As anyone who's heard the track might have noticed, and some people are already aware; in addition to playing guitar and drums, I'm also doing vocals and bass on this track. So here comes the next announcement: the next Mithras record is going to be me flying solo, playing all the instruments and doing vocals. This was in some ways a very hard decision to make, but in other ways an astoundingly easy one, which I think is going to work out for the best for me personally, and isn't really a reflection on anyone else. I was fortunate enough to have many viable options on this record as to who could perform on it (from live and ex-members) but after very careful consideration regarding practicalities and all the hard work which goes into a new record, not to mention much soul searching, I decided the best possible outcome for the record was for me to work alone.

Expounding on previous news announcements, Mithras live shows and any other musical projects are firmly off my agenda for the near future, so I can concentrate totally on the new record. Once the new record is in the can I'd like to play some shows and hopefully I can hook up with some of my comrades to do so.

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Posted: 06.09.2010 by Baz Anderson


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06.09.2010 - 15:56
Good for him then.
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06.09.2010 - 19:56
Account deleted
That song's actually pretty good. Mithras gone upbeat.
06.09.2010 - 20:04
Ag Fox
Angel No More
What happened to the rest of the members? >:

EDIT: though I like the song
loves 小巫
06.09.2010 - 20:05
The song is interesting. It doesn't get boring.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.
07.09.2010 - 02:01
King Bonzo
Well Leon was always the heart of Mithras so all this can really do is allow him to reach his goals with more ease. His vocal delivery is very close to Rayner's in any case.

Oh and new song is fucking awesome, but then it would be wouldn't it.

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