The Meads Of Asphodel - Announce "Life In The Shadows"

Candlelight Records press release

The Meads Of Asphodel are proud to announce the online debut of "Life In The Shadows".

"Life In The Shadows" can be watched online at

"Life In The Shadows" explores the dark, complex world of underground English Black Metal band The Meads Of Asphodel. A band with convtroversial opinions, hidden identities and a determined rule that they will never play live.

The film shows the band at their most vulnerable, gaining exclusive access to the Meads world. Metatron explains his controversial lyrics and ideas on religion, J.D Tait guides us around the Meads' Bridge Gate Studios and Urakbarameel vents his annoyance at being labelled a 'Battle Metal' band.

Featuring interviews with Meads collaborator and Sigh frontman Mirai, plus comment and opinion from rock journalists Malcolm Dome and Jonathan Selzer. There's even a glimpse of that very rare beast... a live Meads performance.

The Murder Of Jesus The Jew is out now on Candlelight Records.

Band profile: The Meads Of Asphodel
Posted: 02.12.2010 by White Winter Sun


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02.12.2010 - 21:20
Account deleted
Crap, I really need to get to a network that actually lets me stream youtube stuff at a decent speed.
02.12.2010 - 22:28
Heaven Knight
One of my favorite projects, regardless of what local music experts say
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again

03.12.2010 - 01:16
Interesting to see this kind of stuff from such an hermetic band. Up the meads !
03.12.2010 - 17:56
Bad English
This film proves what I sad about band on Msv2 forums, long long ago in my early days in site realy it confirns it from own band members
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
04.12.2010 - 17:21
Account deleted
Written by Bad English on 03.12.2010 at 17:56

This film proves what I sad about band on Msv2 forums, long long ago in my early days in site realy it confirns it from own band members

And what is it you said back then?

I thought it was a great documentary, it shows the band members to be very normal, down to earth guys. Metatron comes across as a little scary sometimes but that's probably because his voice sounds like it belongs to a skin head. And he's an Arsenal fan too, eww... but the guy is obviously very clever without being pretentious.

I also wondered about Metatron's view's on race, for some reason I thought he might be a little racist or something, perhaps because I read on his views on immigration somewhere (which I probably misunderstood) but given the drummer's ethnic background he obviously has no issues with race.

Anyway, was great to see Jonathan Selzer on it too.

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