Bison B.C. - New Drummer Announced

Vancouver, Canada-based sludge metal act Bison B.C. have parted ways with drummer Brad Mackinnon and have replaced him with former 3 Inches Of Blood drummer Matt Wood.

The band released the following cool story: "So here it is - a couple months back Brad told me he had made the difficult decision to leave the band. We lived and breathed music together for almost five years and it was a fucking honor to share the stage and create music with him, not to mention doing all kinds of fucked up shit that was fucking way fun. It was a hard decision for him, and we wish him all the best, and hey, we still go and get wasted together.

We spent months scouring the city looking for a drummer, which in these here parts is a daunting task. We end up in Chiliwack one night at our favorite sports bar, "Shakerz". Local blues rock band Stone House takes the stage and half way through their set, including a smokin' cover of "Life is a Highway", we notice some drunk dude in the corner dancing on tables, spitting on the band and basically ruining the night for everyone. After the bar lets out we find ourselves at the Greyhound station on our way back to town. We notice the table dancing dude is spare changing to try and get back to town as well, though he is now covered in his own puke. We get to talking and Masa realizes it is his old friend Matt, although through coughing fits and dry heaving he insists his name is Watty Moods, ex-drummer for Stone House.

Masa and Matt used to play in a band called Goatsblood back in '79, so we invite him to come jam with us, purely out of pity. Turns out he's pretty good for a drunk just shy of fifty. So, on behalf of Bison B.C. Inc., we would like to welcome to the band, our new drummer Mr. Matt Wood."

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Posted: 13.06.2011 by Abattoir


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13.06.2011 - 20:32
Rofl...i m sure stuff like this does not happen very often.
13.06.2011 - 22:25
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Hahahaha. That's just great.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
14.06.2011 - 01:42
Troy Killjoy
Either these guys are masters of comedy with wonderful imaginations or this is the greatest "new band member" story I've ever heard of.
Prettier than BloodTears.

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