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A brand new track "Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't" has been made available to stream online at this location:

If you would like to download the mp3 of the song, then visit this location and enter your email address.

"To all of our friends around the world:

Anthrax fans are the most loyal fans ever. You've been waiting a long, long time for us to release new music. With Joey back in the band, we know that the anticipation is really high, and we love you for that.
So, as a way for us to say THANK YOU, we decided to make our brand-new track, "Fight 'em 'til You Can't," available as a free download, giving all of you a taste of what's to come on our first new studio album in eight years - "Worship Music" that will be out September 13.
Thank you for sticking with us my friends and now join us on this zombie killing thrill ride we call "Fight 'em 'til You Can't."

BANG YOUR HEADS!!!" - Scott, Charlie, Frankie, Joey & Rob

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Posted: 24.06.2011 by Baz Anderson

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25.06.2011 - 22:20
Iron Nostarion
Maiden Whore
Alright, this is exactly the Thrash Metal I've loved and always listen to. Most of the songs I like now have never caught me from the first listen, most old school Anthrax / Metallica / Slayer took a little while to impress me, as well. And this seems VERY promising. Also, the chorus has the exact Joey Belladonna voice from "Indians", which is one of their greatest. It's good to see vocalists that keep up with their strength over age.

@ The "Master of Puppets" comparison: The only "similarity" I could find myself is when Joey says "fight 'em, fight 'em". Sounds a lot like "Master, Master". Other than that, nothing. :S
To their tombs the people are immured,
There is their gold, treasure and wealth,
The only condition is to ignore them,
Those who feed on corruption and weave death
26.06.2011 - 00:17
Quite Impressed with the new song, but still influenced by their late 80s early 90s sound, just a more updated version. But I still think John Bush is a far better vocalist than Joey Belladona. Will be keeping an eye on the album though.
26.06.2011 - 12:43
Metal slave
I like the idea for the single cover.... kinda wish it was the album cover
27.06.2011 - 00:23
Written by JÄY on 26.06.2011 at 12:43

I like the idea for the single cover.... kinda wish it was the album cover

Yep, if the album cover ends up looking better, they'll have done well!
27.06.2011 - 00:25
The song is really sweet. I'm looking forward to the new album, so much.
27.06.2011 - 02:45
John Sandman
Sound great! Welcome back Joey! \m/
27.06.2011 - 22:02
Totally hear Gridlock in there, which is amusing because this new album has been a long time, long time coming. Joey sounds like, during the verse portions, he's trying to conjure up a little Bush and less Steve Perry... not a huge fan of the chorus.

decent song, looking a little forward to the album, which is something i didn't expect.
get the fuck off my lawn.
28.06.2011 - 06:30
28.06.2011 - 09:08
Meh, Mediocre. seems forced.
28.06.2011 - 15:57
Nice song, nice Battlestar Galactica reference!
there's no place I can be since I found serenity
28.06.2011 - 17:00
Erotic Stains
I... don't know. It isn't bad, but I really don't know what to make of the chorus which I think is very... "metalcoreish".
28.06.2011 - 18:28
Angelic Storm
So far, we've had people calling the chorus "power metal", "epic", "nu metal", and now "metalcore".. its amazing how one chorus can incorporate so many different styles!
29.06.2011 - 17:31
John Shock
Amazing song men! Great improvement...
30.06.2011 - 18:39
Valentin B
Written by Angelic Storm on 28.06.2011 at 18:28

So far, we've had people calling the chorus "power metal", "epic", "nu metal", and now "metalcore".. its amazing how one chorus can incorporate so many different styles!

it's a great song nonetheless it sounds like their really old stuff. probably intended as a cash-grab, but honestly i prefer this than them pulling a Morbid Angel.
Sing me a song, you're a singer
Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil.
01.07.2011 - 01:01
Underpaid M.D.
I just have two things to say:
- I like the song, nothing more, nothing less, I just like it.
- The cover artwork used for the single is awesome, it has that 80's feeling on it.

Nice, still waiting for the whole thing.
"Les vers savent qu'ils n'ont pas d'ailes, c'est pour cela qu'ils se cachent sous terre"

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