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Dew-Scented - Bassist Leaves The Band, Working On New Album

After almost 10 years of loyal service to the great Thrash Metal cause, bassist Alexander "Alex" Pahl (second from left on the photo below) decided to leave Dew-Scented.

He comments his move as follows: "People, I am out of here, bye-bye!".

Rumours about his reasoning are on an absolute high, so we are happy to offer you a chance to win free D-S merchandise if you nail the correct answer from the following bunch:

a) He ran out of coffee
b) He will dedicate to family life and low profile grind projects
c) He chose to wait for a chance to join Kreator, Sodom, Destruction or other even more successful acts
d) He lost his trademark Poison Idea stage-shirt and can no longer perform live without it
e) Personal differences between the bandmembers
f) He might start a new band with ex D-S members Flo, Hendrik and Uwe soon.

The first three correct submissions will receive a free band shirt as well as a special poster signed by Alex with a personal dedication!
Write us to: contact [at] dew-scented [dot] com.

Dew-Scented would like to thank Alex for the good times and wish him all the best for his future projects and activities!

Furthermore, Ingo Hate from the respected Burn Out! Magazine adds: "This is a truly sad turn of events! An icon and one of the few remaining 'characters' leaves the spotlight and will most likely be sorely missed! Alex, in the name of the entire Metal movement: We salute you!

In other news, the band comments: After having successfully performed the last shows for 2011 at last month's Party.San and Brutal Assault festivals, Dew-Scented will now retire from the public eye until early next year in order to focus on composing a next studio album, tentatively to be released before the summer 2012.

Next year marks the 20th anniversary for Dew-Scented (even though most people will find the 10th anniversary of the 2002 album release Inwards more remarkable…), so we are determined to make it a very special year for everyone! We will keep you posted about any progress in the coming weeks…"

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Posted: 20.09.2011 by Panzerchrist


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21.09.2011 - 02:19
Someone inform me about the correct answer, I'm curious!
27.09.2011 - 18:19
Written by bokimaniac on 21.09.2011 at 02:19

Someone inform me about the correct answer, I'm curious!

The answer was choice b, gone with the family and low-profile grind projects.

I won a shirt!
28.09.2011 - 00:40

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