The new Xandria album, Sacrificium, will be released on May 2nd via Napalm Records. Now the symphonic metal band is sharing the first song with the fans: the track chosen is "Dreamkeeper", and its lyric video can be seen below. What's your impression of this new tune?

These are the band's thoughts about this song: ""Dreamkeeper' represents the melodic side of Sacrificium and will be your 'first steps' into our new album! It will lure you into a much darker, heavier and more complex universum that will be revealed to you through the other Sacrificium songs! Enjoy 'Dreamkeeper' and brace yourself for more!"

Also remember that this will also be the first album to feature new bassist Steven Wussow and new singer Dianne van Giersbergen.


01. Sacrificium
02. Nightfall
03. Dreamkeeper
04. Stardust
05. The Undiscovered Land
06. Betrayer
07. Until The End
08. Come With Me
09. Little Red Relish
10. Our Neverworld
11. Temple Of Hate
12. Sweet Atonement

Band profile: Xandria
Posted: 03.04.2014 by R Lewis


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R Lewis - 03.04.2014 at 17:24  
I find it quite weak. "The Dream Is Still Alive", from Neverworld's End, was in the same style but way better. Anyway, if they say this will be a heavy and dark album, I'm in.
ManiacBlasphemer - 03.04.2014 at 17:41  
Enjoyable but lacking. And god, the lyrics... Dianne is a good songstress but I sort of miss the Oceanborn~esque voice of Manu. Hope that the band will be able to deliver more strong tunes than this one...
Jason W. - 03.04.2014 at 17:44  
Kind of disappointed It sounds just like standard symph metal. Obviously I'll check them on tour, but this is making me hesitate until I hear most of the album...
CyberSymphony - 03.04.2014 at 18:46  
God what an extremely bland song and vocalist just isn't as good as the previous one(s)
Cynic Metalhead - 03.04.2014 at 19:12  
Fuck the record, my love for Dianne Van is ovulating and has just broke the thermometer. Ooooh!!
Lord Grim - 03.04.2014 at 20:28  
Not a fan of the vocal melody. Too repetitive for my liking. Also not enough variation in range and seems pretty weak. Not sure if that last point is due to her or the recording itself though. The song itself is okay. Kinda dry and boring though. Even the solo is boring. Shouldn't have done a lyric video because I get to see just how bad they are while listening to the rest of the unpleasant song. >.>;

Edit: Not what I'd expect from Xandria... Sheer disappointment. u_u;
Ruchesko - 03.04.2014 at 21:46  
Wasn't sure if I'd miss Manuela, but having listened to this, I miss her desperately. I guess the Netherlands's streak of quality symph-metal songstresses had to end sometime, and I think they finally faltered with Dianne.

The song itself is blander than most of Stream of Passion's post-Lucassen output.
The Shape 1973 - 03.04.2014 at 23:16  
Happy with the vocalist, song a bit dull though. The start reminds me of Autumn Harmony by For My Pain.

At least they have said this is the quiet one.
AngelofDeth - 04.04.2014 at 02:58  
Pretty much a lesser "Nemo".

Seriously listen to the songs back to back- huge rip-off.

Still thats all Neverworld was but at least it was high quality rip offs, this is way too simplistic, stripped down and boring. Sounds like they are trying too hard to reach for the "lowest common denominator single", but they overstepped and shot themselves in the foot.

Anyway, new vox sound good enough to me and hopefully their statement is true and the rest of the album is "darker, heavier and more complex" as they say, could be good yet.
The Evergreen - 04.04.2014 at 04:33  
I liked it. New vocalist reminds me of Birgit Lau a bit and I like it.
I loved Never world but found the orchestra a bit much at times, this seems a bit more restrained.
I look forward to the album.
Teravolt_Danny - 04.04.2014 at 07:59  
This new chick is a huge step down from the last singer. The song itself is meh... my favorite part was actually the part at the end (where it shows the moon). Everything up until that part was bland and predictable.
annodomini - 04.04.2014 at 09:43  
I won't judge this like you. The song is really catchy, more like old Xandria, which is good, because what we heard from Nightfall sample, we could be pretty confident, that there will be same quality songs as on Neverworld. Dianne is capable of doing amazing Opera vocals, she has proved it not once, it's just this song, that required a different kind of vocals.
Dark Cornatus - 04.04.2014 at 10:47  
The last vocalist was much better, but the vocals weren't the weak point of this song. It was just a typical power chord mediocre song, the vocals at least were fairly catchy.
Chriwalker - 04.04.2014 at 11:04  
After I heard the snippet from "Nightfall" I felt a tension rise in me, but this was disappointing, I bet it can blend in with the rest of the album, but as a standalone lyric video and song it was quite boring :/
Jiri - 04.04.2014 at 16:38  
As boring as Amberian Dawn...
the_scarecrow - 04.04.2014 at 18:32  
While I agree on some parts that the song is your standard, generic symphonic metal song, I feel it needs a couple of listens to truly sink in.
On repeated listens I found parts that sound lovely to me; the restrained chorus, and Dianne's vocal melodies in the chorus, and the 2:39 to 3:12 minute mark, in particular. The verses are a bit bland.
While not truly noteworthy, I find the song pleasant; it reminds me of the Kill the Sun / Ravenheart eras.
Ruchesko - 04.04.2014 at 21:54  
Written by Jiri on 04.04.2014 at 16:38

As boring as Amberian Dawn...

Knew it reminded me of someone
Kylin - 04.04.2014 at 22:20  
I don't like the effects on her voice. Ugh. It would be so much better without that echoey shit.
Patrick Andersen - 05.04.2014 at 00:53  
Just had a listen and it sounds like it would be a leftover song from "Neverworld's End". This has bonus-track stature written all over it. That being said, it's far from bad. The chorus is pleasant, notably towards the end. I'm feeling hopeful that it'll sound better in the context of the album.
Bad English - 12.04.2014 at 19:56  
Written by Jason W. on 03.04.2014 at 17:44

Kind of disappointed It sounds just like standard symph metal. Obviously I'll check them on tour, but this is making me hesitate until I hear most of the album...

sounds as mainstream good record lable Blast or C media band in nowadays ......

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