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Cypriot power metal band Arrayan Path just shared a brand new song called "Sins of Pandora" which comes from the band's upcoming album ΑΡΧΕΓΟΝΟΙ "Archegonoi", (Greek for ancient-born), to be released on November 30th, 2018 on Pitch Black Records. Listen to it below to see if you like it.

The new album is somewhat of a concept album, not in the sense of a story being told from start to finish but one that derives its themes from the same "pool" of ancient-born ideas and influences related to the ancient world and more particularly to ancient Greece. Ancient Greece after all has always played an integral role in the band's history.

With its 14 tracks and over 80 minutes of music, this is an album that's as complete as it could possibly be and although the easy choice would be to simply "cut" one or two tracks in order to fit everything on one disc, it was strongly felt that nothing should be left out, which is why the decision to release it on two discs was reached. This way the "journey" on which the album will take the listener will be thoroughly enjoyed and experienced exactly as the band intended it. As the band comments: "This album will excite you to pick up a sword and switch to warrior mode but at the same time touch your more sensitive side while carrying you to those ancient times. This is the real spirit of Arrayan Path."

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Posted: 06.11.2018 by Bad English

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