Sirenia will release "Nine Destinies And A Downfall" through Nuclear Blast on February 23rd. Three songs from the album are now available for streaming at their official MySpace page. The songs on offer are 'My Mind's Eye', 'The Other Side' and 'Sundown' Go to this location to check them out.

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Posted: 12.12.2006 by Thryce


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Katatronik - 12.12.2006 at 18:34  
Very good songs, especially My Mind's Eye"!
I hope that the entire album will be on the same quality, can't wait for it!
annodomini - 12.12.2006 at 18:54  
good songs? it is awful... i heard whole album 3 times and i acnt believe it its the same Sirenia...absolutely nothing good is in new release... 4 songs sounds absolutely the same... Male vocals are gone... its a piece of sh...
AnGina-- - 12.12.2006 at 19:59  
Oh for Morten's sake, can someone please tell me where to get the full new album???

And personally I have really enjoyed all the tree samples, it sounds promising! Morten melodies are the best! Screw the vocals, gimme Morten!
Soliloquy - 12.12.2006 at 20:08  
umm....i rather have Henriette doing the singing. shes relly mystical and dreaming. this monica singer...nah.

what happend to morten? is he still singing? the violins!!! where are they? Sirenia got rid of Pete. WHY?! the choir! or rather, the decent choir! what happend to it?! An Elixir For Existence was a true master piece..but whats tis new album? its sounding more and more like Xandria. just a crappier version of em....

but, i'll still give it a shot. maybe there are some rare jewls that are worth everything on that album. like if it has a song like 'seven sirens and a silver tear', i am so buying the album!

but reall, this is no good! no good i tells ya!
Dark Blood - 12.12.2006 at 22:16  
Oh man... Soliloquy you said everything.. where the hell is Sirenia's mysticism??

What's happening with these guys?? Most of the bands are losing their quality in their latest albums, specially this year!
I just don't get it..
Damned-In-Black - 13.12.2006 at 02:07  
I've heard the entire album half a dozen times before deleting it and setting myself to wait until the official release. There is NO drop in quality from previous albums. There's a change in style, yes. That's immediately obvious, but the album as a whole is still wonderful.

It's no At Sixes And Sevens, sure... But that's because doesn't try to be, which is great IMO. They're treading new ground as a band and I have to say, doing a pretty good job of it.
thunderclap335 - 13.12.2006 at 02:35  
i've heard the whole album like 3 or 4 times.. and...... well ....... maybe i'ts just her voice...... extreme vocals??? they're still there...... somewhere.......:sleep: i guess like in Seven Keys and Nine Doors..... the Latin Operatic wierd chorus actually is still there too..... so i gueessss this kind of change would be more... ... what's the word i'm lookin' for..... digestible??...... sorry for the (........) but i think is the way i feel about this album...... i really Hope tha they don't go lame like theatre of tragedy:shit:
Soliloquy - 13.12.2006 at 03:46  
i just noticed soemthing...morten put on weird. not that that should affect his growls...but seriously, what happend to his high treble growls?!
jadawal - 13.12.2006 at 05:41  
i didn't like the two songs i heard at all, it sounded like britney spears singing to a generic rock beat
AnGina-- - 13.12.2006 at 19:29  
Gosh, what, am I the only one who actually likes this album? Yes, the difference is big and since I got rid of my ''female vocal'' obsession I don't really find ''I prefer Henriette to Monika'' thingy interesting, Monika is good, a bit monotone, but well trained. Yea, Morten has probably called it quits (but still, go Morten, I love ya!) so did the violin, but the guitars still have it going in the Veland style! Yea, I like it.
Damned-In-Black - 14.12.2006 at 05:54  
Written by AnGina-- on 13.12.2006 at 19:29

Gosh, what, am I the only one who actually likes this album?

I love it

It needs to be looked at as a stand-alone album rather than a continuation of previous stylings. It's really more than just simple evolution that has occured - A huge change in sound and approach, but it sounds good and still has Sirenia's style evident at the heart, which is what matters! Morten sounds excellent on the few occasions he uses his typical growl, plus his clean singing is great too, when that's used.
Promonex - 14.12.2006 at 10:35  
Especially "My Mind's Eye" has similarly radio-friendly qualities as Nightwish's "Nemo", not only due to the opening piano tune. Both bands have the same label in their back, so if Nuclear Blast sponsors a well-produced video again which would get some air time on the music TV channels 2007 could become the year of Sirenia. "The Other Side" and "Sundown" could be likely follow-up singles, the latter as analog of "Wish I Had an Angel". That's my prediction at least and I wouldn't even mind if all that happens as long as the band doesn't proceed to play watered-down Within Temptation-esque pop metal on the next album.
Nasi2 - 15.12.2006 at 00:56  
Overall, the album is quite simple and boring. Not because of its oh-so-called more comercial approach, but because of its lack of substance, of emotion, of atmosphere. Moreover, Monika's voice does not help to cover the holes of the album. And the choirs are not as predominant as before, and that's a pitty because they sound pretty good in Nine destinies...
I'm sure it will be my disappointing album of 2007. I hope Sirenia will change their style with better results in forthcoming albums.

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