Carcinoid - Drummer Leaves

Australian doom death metallers Carcinoid heve announced that they have parted ways with drummer Carter Veltmeyer. The band posted two statements on their Facebook page that you can read below.

"As many of you know a number of accusations have been made against members of Carcinoid, as well as the band itself. The band will be addressing these in depth in the coming days.
For now, there are several points that we want to make explicitly clear:
Carcinoid in no way supports or tolerates the abuse of women.
Carcinoid in no way supports or perpetuates the silencing of victims of abuse.
Carcinoid in no way supports or tolerates racism.
So far, there has been one side of a story presented. Carcinoid is committed to an open and honest dialogue regarding these accusations. We will be sharing our side comprehensively in due course to shed as much light on these accusations as possible.
Carcinoid have taken these accusations incredibly seriously and are committed to addressing the accusations and establishing the truth of the matter. We also must acknowledge the pain and distress this has caused everyone involved.
Given the public nature of the accusations, we will be sharing our responses publicly, however wish to resolve this promptly, without causing further personal harm to any party involved."

''We have collectively decided that it is the best decision for Carter to leave Carcinoid as our drummer. We as a band do not want to be associated with the allegations that have recently come to light.
We do not in any way shape or form endorse racism, sexism, abuse or domestic violence through our music or in our values as people.
We will be taking a break until next year as this has caused a huge toll on our wellbeing and mental health as individuals.
Please refrain from commenting and if you do think about what you say thoughtfully as words, negativity and harassment affect people on a deep level.
Carcinoid will not be posting any more about this matter as it as does not have anything to do with making music. Carter and Wyatt will both be posting individual statements publicly on their facebooks in the coming days.
Jess, Az, Josh and Wyatt

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Posted: 02.12.2020 by Bad English

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