Katatonia - New Video Posted Online

Katatonia's brand new video for the song 'July', shot and directed by Charlie Granberg, has been posted online at YouTube.com.

Commented Granberg: "It's basically a perfomance video. But I wanted the feeling of the band playing in a very rough, abandonded or even bombed out house, in an extremely warm country like Mexico or somewere in the middle east. Dark on the inside, but with sunbeams searching their way through the dust, hitting the bandmembers here and there. I really wanted the feeling of the outside world being so much better and brighter than the place the band is in. The biggest challenge with this video I think, was that I wanted to use really warm and grainy colours, wich is kinda rare in this type of music, but at the same time wrap it in a gloomy, apocalyptic feeling. But I think the balance is there and I'm happy the band liked it so much."

Source: roadrunnerrecords.com
Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 06.03.2007 by pyroleprechaun


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07.03.2007 - 00:44
Account deleted
I like the singer's hair ... and his nose is nice too.. LOL... hmmm more seriously, its a nice video.... for a nice song ...
07.03.2007 - 06:07
Xtreme Jax
Was pretty good. Didnt fit the picture I had in my head when I listen to it, but still good. One of my favourite songs from 'The Great Cold Distance' album.

Hellcunt Smurf
07.03.2007 - 12:20
Video suits the mood song fairly well, but it's REALLY not my type of video. Too many scenes/colours, I think.
"Summoned By Words Never Spoken Before..."
07.03.2007 - 14:15
Account deleted
Written by Hyvaarin on 07.03.2007 at 12:20

Video suits the mood song fairly well, but it's REALLY not my type of video. Too many scenes/colours, I think.

Yeah you're right, but I think that it reflects nicely the song's atmosphear, as you said.
Not the best song of the album, but definitly a good one. Nice video.
07.03.2007 - 15:28
Angel of Lust
One of my favourite songs of the last album, with My Twin, Leaders and Deliberation... The best band of this years in my opinion

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
07.03.2007 - 18:27
yeah, what a great song, i like katatonia very much
08.03.2007 - 00:00
Lovely Psycho
Definitely one of the best songs from The Great Cold Distance. I like this video
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